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Skins Porsche 935/78 Moby Dick - PPG 1.1

Skin 4K PPG Industries Riverside 1983

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  1. Do you know if i can change the folder names for all custom skins without messing things up? Just to make it look a bit nicer. Some of them dont have car number for example in the folder name so i wanted to add that.
  2. For personnal use you can do what you want ;)
    Where are missing numbers for my information please?
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2016
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  3. Hey thanks. Some skins only says "brumos" for example (the folder name), and i want to change it to "Brumos_59". But i didnt know if somehow a file in the livery folder is linked to the skin folder name and maybe mess something up in the sim. So i want all skin folders to be like this for example:



    Some skins only say the livery name but dont have the number so i just want to change that so i can quickly see the numbers. :)
  4. OK mine are like this "935MD_PPG09" and finally content number:

    935MobyDick for the model of the car
    PPG for the livery
    09 for the car number

    But if you want to change all custom names for one type, no problem for me ;)
  5. Yeah i know. It was just example mate. :) Some skins from OTHER designers sometimes has no number in the folder so i just wondered if i can change that without having problems in the sim.
  6. aphidgod

    'bout to cut some sh-- up with my crab hand. Premium

    The sim won't care. :)

    (Thanks, Pierre, for the great skin.)
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  7. @Alex72 : OK I miss the sense of the question, so Yes you can :thumbsup:
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