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Porsche 919 Hybrid 2015 @ Spa

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by PhilS13, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. For Hotlap. TC off. Light understeer so it should be fairly easy to drive. 1.55.070 at the moment.


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  2. Dux


    Nice lap. I am struggling with it at Silverstone to get within 5 seconds of the WR. Some people say do certain laptimes with certain setup but that's just impossible at my side. Tried and changed few things and then it was cool. Probably 2 sec faster than what the guy said he did with the setup of his. Still far from his time but better i did with the correction of it than with the setup that he provided.

    Any hints?
  3. The default setup easily does 1.42s at Silverstone if you get the energy deployment right.

    Hint has to be stop worrying about setup, focus on MGU settings and KERS button use. There is a reason that I decided to show KERS button usage in the Spa video, it's because getting that part right is where the laptime is.
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  4. Dux


    Tried out and did, like you said default, best 1:44.5
    "Easily 1.42" is a bit too far fetched.
  5. "Easily" is not so much about the people, it's about the car. It means the car can do 1.42 without even being close to its limits. Easily does 1.42 means more...."car probably can do a low 1.41".

    You said struggling to get within 5 seconds of WR and now doing 1.44.5 so it might be your best ever? On default set. That's pretty much what I was saying.

    I think "that's just impossible at my side" is what is too far fetched in here, but don't worry you're not the first one and not the last one to use it.
  6. Dux


    I said that provided the setup with which it has been done 1.42 i should easily do 1.44 not high 1.47.

    Then you said with the default you did that. I sure must do as well. Tried and got what i got. However 1.42 is a bit way below the possibility of the car given the fact that on my lap, there is at most 1 sec to improve which leads to a time of 1.43.5 but not easily so into 1.42 - is my whole point.

    So ... how much the track temperature can make difference?
  7. Online mode No assists.
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  8. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing Premium

    Really interesting to see two different approaches to hybrid deployment result in very similar laptimes.
  9. Air temp is what matters. Track temp barely changes anything.

    The colder the faster. At Spa, every degree colder is worth about a tenth. This lap(and the silverstone one) was set at 26°C air to get PRO tag on RSR. At 10°C air for example I'm doing around 1.53.4 at Spa.

    1.42 is not way below the possibility of the default set at Silverstone, but very much above it. I can't say it any other way.
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  10. @ROBY F1 would be 2-3 tenths faster with better management imo. The 19°C air is giving 6-7 tenths advantage.

    - Deploying after S/F line
    - Deploying too much before eau rouge
    - Deploying beyond car terminal speed

    should all be avoided.

    His middle sector is better than mine on the deployment though. Lowest possible mode and a few manual bursts is the way to go for this sector. I'm probably losing 1-2 tenths by keeping the high preserve mode there.
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  11. you can not compare the times because in hotlap mode you go faster still than the online mode. In any case it is not so much the air temperature to affect but the asphalt temp and I used 28 °
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  12. Asphalt temp does not change grip at all, it only affects tyre temps very little. Air temp is the only thing that affect laptime, via more engine power, more downforce, more drag. The colder air the faster. I'm actually suprised I'm even explaining this I thought it was pretty much well known among AC users.

    I don't see why offline would be any faster than online, same physics afaik.
  13. if so, then try doing your laps in on-line mode, in qualifying, making the rounds of launch along with other Opponents with the consumption tires etc.

    I do not seek the best performance, it is obvious that the more I practice, the more I improve my lap time. MY GOAL IS ONLY ONE OF A DISCREET delighted to share SETUP TO ALLOW SOME AT ALL TO BE FAST AND FUN.
    the temperature of the asphalt with this car little impact, but with other cars affects a lot more because it does not overheat the rubber getting more grip.
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  14. Not doing an outlap is actually slower in this car because brand new tyre needs a lap to build to 100%. So I always do an outlap with tyre wear on. Any other option would be slower.

    You seem to assume I'm being an ass for talking laptime comparison but all I've done is pretty much correcting bad information by giving the good one. Just like I did now...again...
  15. ok professor, needless controversy.
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  16. Dux


    Now in Hotlap mode it's going faster?

    Look guys. I don't wanna make a big fuss out of it. But i know what my qualities are and i know that i have won under all equal stuff. I speak about equal equipment and equal car and equal setup against very very fast guys. So, for my satisfaction i know that.

    There is a setup on the top and it said it can go 1.43. I didn't said i should beat that time. Each driver has a style of his own and not all setups can be okay for all. However, since he did 1.43 i should be able at least to do 1.45 not 1.48 with lots of struggle.

    Anyway, i have been as well once on a public race on AC under fixed setup and equal cars. Guys on pole was whole damn 3 seconds faster. I put onboard on him just try and see what he does differently. Nothing. He does exactly the same. Brakes where i brake. On throttle where i am as well. Only one thing is different. The turning.

    Now i am using Logitech Formula Force FX and its not a stranger to me the comments of few people who viewed my videos to say "you turn too much". Well i do, it's what i have and what it requires from me in order to make the corner, otherwise i have lot's of understeer.

    And i don't know if its up to that or not, but i dont have this problem in rF2 or AMS.

    Long story short now Hotlap mode is faster. This AC seems a bit like a joke to me right now LOL
  17. Aaaaaand that's why one shouldn't post bad info. People with poor understanding then turn it into this.

    With what you have said in the last week, I can say with good certainty that if you were winning any race in any game you have played, it's only because there wasn't anybody fast in that race. The sooner you realize that the sooner you'll start improving. Please don't take this the wrong way, 3-4 seconds off ultimate pace is still VERY good, way above average. But being 3-4 seconds off and then claiming to know what the ultimate pace on a given setup should be is ridiculous.

    Turning the wheel too much is a common mistake and is very often what prevents getting through that "wall" at around 3 seconds off. It gives that "I can't go any faster feel" and it's hard to get out of it. Good luck.
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  18. Dux


  19. I need to stop driving at 31º
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