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Skins Porsche 919 2015 Real Skin Pack (URD MOD) 1.0

The 3 real skins for the Porsche 919 2015 by URD

  1. theiceman1998 submitted a new resource:

    Porsche 919 2015 Real Skin Pack (URD MOD) - The 3 real skins for the Porsche 919 2015 by URD

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  2. hey there!
    is it possilbe to get these for the s1 version, too?
    I think these doesnt work properly with the different front.
  3. The S1 version is not real, its fantasy version made by URD
  4. uhm isn´t it the low drag lemans version? O.o
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  5. I personnaly think the real version is the STD, compared with somme screenshots of the real car. The S1 version look similar to the 2014 version but not sure.
  6. i compared the std with the 919 from silverstone 2015 and the s1 with the 919 from lemans 2015 and i´m pretty sure it is the low drag lemans version. I compared the Headlights, the endplates, the floor, the little skirt bolted to the floor on the outside. The only thing that´s "different" is, that there are two air intakes close to the windshield on the s1 while the lemans car only had one.
    Lot of words, so short version...i´m pretty damn sure it is! :D