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Sounds Porsche 917K 2.1.2

Experience the most complex and dynamic soundmod to date!

  1. It seems little bit strange to me the fanatic-community.
    This because reading comments....
    No one more-less speaks about reliability of sounds if compared to the real car....
    Anyone talking about this but only
    - No one must ask money for mods..... Why?
    - People write about the not-realism of driving of a 917k mod. But my question is: anyone here has never driven a real 917k.
    I do not think.so.
    I love simulators for the sensation they give to me. Phisical... Difficulty to drive.... Little bit realism....and sound.
    I've placed xsim 3dof. Sparco seat, 6points harmness, all fanatec, 7+2 loudspeakers with onkyo 1100w and ocuous dk2.
    If i want realism i take my m3 to real trackday on the contrary if me and my son wants to challenge everywhere everywhere we take a "more less" real car for ac game and have fun and sensations.

    917k is this.
    Difficutly to drive properly.
    Fantastic sound.
    This sound mod is fantastic imho.
    Each of us, fanatic of this car knows that the best project is the ongoing one in acforum.
    But not yet realdy.
    Till that time this can be a very interesting solution.

    And finally, as per the acforum project or for some good mod i have really no difficulty to pay.
    Both to say thanks to who passed several nights in front of a pc (not charlize theron)
    Both because if the mod is good a correct cost if compared to the mod is not so tragic imho to have the sureness of updating and reliable contacts.
    I've already payed many mods. Cars. Tracks. Apps and also filters.
    No problem for me. It is a correct way to say thanks to these valued people.
    Obviously this is my personal point of view on this argument.
    I ask only to people to evaluate the objectivity in this topic.
    The realism of sound.
    Nothing more.
    Ciao all
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  2. Link to the car without having to pay, thanks! lol ;)
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  3. I can't find the car anywhere on the net? Is it a payware mod or illegal or something.

    If it's legit payware I'm more than happy to pay as it's my fav car.

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  5. Wow $17...don't think so.

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  6. I'll make do with this instead :

  7. Nice...
    You know what I think?
    I think Kunos should make this car.
    We don't need this mod! :)
    I know they're working on a LOT of cars coming in 2016... I wish they do the Porsche 917...
    Edit : they're working on 42 new cars, apparently... lol:confused:
  8. Dear all,
    great sound this one, really

    i wanna ask people who have bougth this 917 payware mod (as me) to contact me using PM.
    I wanna do a small proactive-club of us (and people who will buy this, till we have not an official one from kunos or a super-MOD from ac.net) in order to gather our feelings and to ask some upgrades to the producer to this MOD (IMO really a good mod) and to give our suggestion to Juliusz that have done this wonderful project
    in the PM put the last 5digit of the DL link in order to be sure that we are only owners
    thx and ciao
  9. That sound is horrible
  10. Well it didn't cost me $17 so I'm happy with it :)
  11. I know, 17 dollar is insane, more than iracing chargess for their quality work. However look out fo the upcoming 917k on ac forum
  12. Thanks for sorting this out. It's great! I'm very happy with it and yes, paying $17 was something I wasn't thrilled about having to do, my passion for the 917k made me do it. I'm glad I did and I've been having a great time with the car. I hope others will enjoy it too, and if we find the 3D artist I'd ask him (or her) to fix the texture mapping on a couple of areas. PM me if you are reading this but you are probably already aware of what needs tweaking.

    Thanks for the sounds - they really make the car! :)
  13. Better idea, why don't you upload the car you paid for on Mediafire or Mega? :whistling:
  14. Because someone went through the trouble of making it for AC. I'm not going to short change anyone (even though it's a steep price - I agree) - the car is worth it to me. Support the ones who put mods out and they'll keep making more. Some do it just for fun, and others do it as their main source of income. We don't always know their back stories, so I feel better doing the right thing.
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