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Skins Porsche 917/30 Branded Liveries 1.1

4k and standard resolution skins

  1. the_meco submitted a new resource:

    Porsche 917/30 Branded Liveries - 4k and standard resolution skins

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  2. Thanks a lot! Btw, if for any reason you update these, you could regenerate the skin previews as the included ones seem to be using the default filter (chroma aberration is noticeable on the white livery, and they'll look bluish and darker overall) instead of the S1-Showroom that is default on Kunos content.
  3. Thanks for this and everything else you do/have done for the AC community!

    FYI the "skin.ini" does not work properly. Example: Your ini for the "03_chassis004bosch"



    Kunos ini


    As you can see you used a "\" between sparco and racecars it should be "_"
    The same with the helmet_1975

    Same typo on all the liveries

    Again Thanks!
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  4. Cheers for spotting this. I've updated with the fix.
  5. @the_meco finally we can drive your creation! Man what a beast, the details, the fan, the long straight at Barcelona done at warp speed.. but the car is totally driveable and has those tricky brakes.. congratulations and thanks for the additional skins!
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