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Cars Porsche 911R 2016 1.06

911R for Project Cars post patch 10

  1. gvse submitted a new resource:

    Porsche 911R 2016 - 911R for Project Cars post patch 10

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  2. Why mi pcars crashes when I load car in menu or in the track? :(
  3. Not sure. You need to make sure you follow installation instructions. Do you JSGME to activate the car?
  4. Of course I actiated the mod with JSGME and the car appears in the car list, but when I load it in track game crashes with this error:

  5. 1. post the path to the directory leading to all of 911's physics files in the MODS folder
    2. post the content of your mods.txt
    3. do you have any other mods activated or leftovers of previous mods?
    4. sometimes game files get corrupted so I recommend doing steam integrity check
  6. I edited installation instructions: see first post. Hope this takes care of the problems.
  7. 1. Physics files are installed in pCars/MODS/Porsche 911R 16(v1.01)/vehicles/physics
    2. That´s my first mod installed. The MODS folder is located in pCars folder.
    3. No more mods installed.
    4. I verified steam integrity cache and re-install all the game, but the problem already appears.

    Pd. When I install the mod with JGSME, there is no flash warnings to overwrite any file

  8. To be honest I'm stumped. Does the car show up in garage? If it does can you try and look at statistics and then take a screenshot and post it here.
  9. @ J-tech

    Do you run the "Pcars.exe" or the "Pcars64.exe" when you play the game?
  10. For those that run Pcars by using the "Pcars.exe", I have made a 32bit version of the car, which will allow you to use the car without crashing the game. I'm sure the update will appear soon here.
  11. gvse updated Porsche 911R 2016 with a new update entry:

    32bit version added

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  12. Now it works!

    And I found the problem. Because of a bad archive in system32/drivers I never could execute pCars64.exe propperly. I´ve got Windows 7 64 bits but I always need to rename the executables to play the game. I investigated about it and replace d3d9_43.dll with this one https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0T87cDvTlGzM0ZiYU1PRWl4c00/edit?pli=1

    Now I can play 64 bits executable propperly and can drive the car ;) Sorry for the inconvenience.

    The car is nice, looks like official content, and handling seems to be like handling porsche could be.

    Need more porsches :D
    I did a lot of porsches for rfactor and Assetto Corsa, all with real data of many aspects, from the sway bar rates, springs, to scales of electric throttle, based in real graphics. If you need help with any car physics, ask to me.
    as I could see, the implementation is very similar to the rfactor .hdv archives. But I can´t be able to decrypt the original pCar ones yet.

    Once again, many thanks for your work and your replies ;)
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2016
  13. gvse updated Porsche 911R 2016 with a new update entry:

    various fixes and improvements

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  14. gvse updated Porsche 911R 2016 with a new update entry:

    fixes plus new wing

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  15. GTA


    The R white with green strips : the "PORSCHE" is red !
    Possible to change ?