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Skins Porsche 718 RS Spyder: Martini 22 2016-11-30

Attempted to try and get the 1970 martini skin to work with it.

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  1. Nice try. The RS 60 (and its successor, the RS 61) didn't exist in the era of on-car advertising (save for the odd oil or tire decal), but there were a bunch of slightly different liveries (and assigned numbers) for drivers like Dan Gurney, Roger Penske, Bob Holbert, Augie Pabst, Bill Wuesthof, Don Sessler, Taffy von Trips, Jo Bonnier, Eddie Barth, Olivier Gendebien, Ludwig Heimrath, Hans Herrmann, Umberto Maglioli, Carel de Beaufort, Lake Underwood, Jack McAffee, Sammy Weiss, the von Dorys, et alia. They would be fairly easy to render, I suspect.
  2. I dont find the real liveries interesting so i went fictional. same reason as to why you see rothmans and castrol liveries for the GT1.
  3. Andreas Knöpke

    Andreas Knöpke
    Let's drive side by side! Premium

    Someone's asking for the wrath of Panky again :roflmao:
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Fast Furman

    Fast Furman

    Yea I'm Diggen this
  6. not the same car, but.....
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  7. LOL

    All I can say to that. Nicely done fictional livery ninja.
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  8. Makes perfect sense to me. You can crib from a couple dozen famous Porsche liveries and still not stray far from what lingers in the mind about the marque's fame and fortune. The Mexican Road Race 550 is a good example: that paint job would look right at home on a RSR or RS60.
  9. That's the only disappointing thing about the D60 for me, is how dull all the AI cars look in a race. I googled the car, and virtually all of the photos showed it in silver with a number decal :(
  10. The art of this being a virtual world is that we can change that and i fully intend to :)
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