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Cars Porsche 550 Spyder v2.5

classic 4 cylinder aircooled boxer race car

  1. Ensyuya


    Ensyuya submitted a new resource:

    Porsche 550 Spyder - Porsche 550 classic 4 cylinder boxer race car

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. aphidgod

    'bout to cut some sh-- up with my crab hand. Premium

    What a fantastic surprise! Thank you for updating this little gem once again. :)
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  3. Ensyuya


    Thank you for your words of praise. I have also enjoyed your jaguar ! We do love vintage racer.
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  4. Thanks! Nice to see this car back available again.
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  5. Good to see this alive and kickin', glad you made it to RaceDepartment.
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  6. Beautiful car and impressive overview post. Will try asap. Thank you!
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  7. I hope you are enjoying our little 550.

    Here are a few hints to enjoy the ride.
    Take your time to learn the car limits, these old tires need to be handled *very* gently and the feel is very different from modern cars.

    I suggest to use the base model around Bridgehampton to get familiar with it. If you feel the car is trying to kill you, setting up a stiffer suspension will help, try hard front first. Be aware that it will raise the ride height and probably make the car a bit slower.

    However the car will always have a strong oversteer tendency, especially on corner exit. This is perfectly normal (mostly due to rear suspension swing arm design). High speed corner tend to be easier because of the aero lift that is stronger on the front axle.

    For the S1/hillclimb version, the engine increased power really exacerbates the flaws of the chassis/suspension. Be extra gentle with the throttle. You have been warned!

    No wonder Porsche stiffened the chassis and patched the suspension design in ‘56 with the 550A. With increasing power of the 4-cam engine over the years, Porsche finally went for a double-wishbone rear suspension in 1959 on the 718.

    Last note, brake fade is implemented, so you will notice cold brakes are not very effective. Be careful at T1!
    Fading should be noticeable after 5-6 laps on short tracks especially with the S1.
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  8. Nice mod with very good physics!
    2 issues for me :
    1 - hand animation is not perfect on the Wheel. The hands move faster than the Wheel..
    2 - I can still see some meshes of the driver helmet in cockpit view. I have no problem with kunos cars like the lotus 49 or 65.

    Thank you for the great job.
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  9. mantasisg


    Thanks for the update, it is good mod :) And I love classic cars, I think this mod does justice.

    Some issues, or what might be issues:

    1. Driver head mesh is not hidden in first person view.
    2. Idle sound of standard version doesn't loop properly.
    3. Car body could use some careful smoothing by hand. It takes a bit skill and time. I used to adjust most of XJ13 body vertices by hand, I mean after applying subdivision. I learned that 1mm can make big difference to the looks, 5mm completely changes the line. Anything over 10mm is a cmpletely different body :D
    4. Looks to me like car body material could use a bit less of diffuse and more Sun Specular settings. Sun glare could be a little more strong, and a bit more concentrated.
    5. Also a bit more playing with fresnel settings. I feel like isAdditive should be on 2, not sure if it is, but if it is then certain fresnel setting is a bit too hard, which makes car less reflective and adds matte coating. Although I see that real car is not super reflective, but somehow different.
    6. I'm not sure if body AO is strong enough.

    Other than that it is a mod which is worth using. Good job :)
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  10. Ensyuya


    Really thank you for imforming important things.
    To rycil and mantasisg,
    About "Driver head mesh is not hidden in first person view"

    Soon I'm going to release minor update with the same settings as the Kunos official cars.
    This issue had also been pointed out in a previous update.
    Depending on the position of the seat and the point of view adjustment, mesh of the driver's face will be seen as that of you say.
    Bug that the driver disappears is not solved yet in replay mode of Assetto Corsa.
    It's getting better than before in recent AC versions, but still it exists.
    In a car with a good prospect around the driver's head, this bug is very noticeable.
    The most prominent car with this bug is our 550 mod until Maserati 250F appears in AC.
    The treatment of leaving driver head mesh is compromise to this bug.
    Now I have decided to erase driver's head mesh completely like official cars.
    The rest is up to kunos.

    BUG Disappearing drivers
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  11. Ensyuya


    I did not notice it. I will check it.
  12. Great mod, loved the first version now loving the update too, thanks!

    Only thing sligthly bugging me is the tire squeel noise..
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  13. Ensyuya


    Thank you very much for useful information.
    The current shader settings are aligned with the typical and iconic silver of 550 spyder.
    In the past, silver sample suitable for the 550 did not exist in the AC.
    At long last, silver of Maserati 250F is making good line.

    "Also a bit more playing with fresnel settings."

    So the time to play settings a bit more might have come.:)

    "6. I'm not sure if body AO is strong enough."

    Oh, yes, it's still experimental for me.
  14. mantasisg


    Oh then it is a bug with disappearing driver, now I understand. I don't experience it on my computer, but I saw one video in youtube where it happens for our XJ13, it was weird.

    Yes AO is a bit tricky, I've spent whole day to figure out how to do decent AO bake. I used blender. There are some some setting not only in baking section, but also in material section which has to be right to get nice AO. Do you have nice shadows on your AO ?
  15. Ensyuya


    No, in this sense, I think I could not obtain a nice shadow yet. I'm using 3ds max 2015. I tried to review the settings of lighting, material and AO several times, but I do not come up with good ways to improve. It's a problem that it's not balanced cost-effective.
  16. mantasisg


    I have been playing with AO on my W125 yesterday. It is a bit tricky. I had some problems, untill I saw that I had my ground plane material "cast shadow" checked off. I have no idea how it is all in 3DS max, but should be same principles.
  17. Ensyuya


    I guess there is something knack to make a professional style. The principles must be simple. I had already huge time to improve, but couldn't find good way out. 550 mod has already typical AO, they think it's not professional style, it's not cool, I don't care about it.
  18. seems nice, as above, the driver head is not hidden in vr, and driver eyes positon might as well be set using auto-pos function to get it correct and a little higher.

    also noticed:
    INIReader: content/cars/porsche_550_1500_rs_spyder/data/suspensions.ini > ERROR: MULTIPLE KEY FOUND IN FILE content/cars/porsche_550_1500_rs_spyder/data/suspensions.ini [FRONT] WBTYRE_BOTTOM STILL USING OLD VALUE: 0.090, -0.0779, 0.006815367
    in errors.txt (seems to be both versions)

    EMPTY CURVE, RETURNING ZERO (wing_drag_front_AOA_CD.lut)
    EMPTY CURVE, RETURNING ZERO (wing_drag_rear_AOA_CD.lut)
    filling up logs.txt (just normal version)

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  19. Ensyuya


    Yeah, so have I. Mr. mantasisg, thanks for motivating me.
    I've finally figured out how to improve AO of 550 mod by 3ds max. It's very simple element. It's not a function of the problem of 3dsmax. Next version will include somewhat improved skin template.
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  20. Thanks for reporting Chris!
    I should have double-checked this myself.
    Easy to fix.
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