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"pop-in" textures

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by jonathan l., Jan 1, 2015.

  1. hello. does anyone know of any settings in any of the config files, or perhaps elsewhere that addresses the annoying pop-in textures on cars? i'd like to maintain the high detail textures that you see on cars up close, and not have them fade out to lower res textures the further away they get.
  2. This is normal LOD (Level of Detail) behavior, not possible to change on Kunos cars.
    You can try this on mod cars inside the lod.ini in the data folder:


    Set out value to 10000 and delete other LOD_1, 2, 3 entries.

    Beware your game performance will decrease rapidly with more cars on tracks.
  3. ah, that's too bad. thanks for the info on the modded cars anyway :)
  4. LOD distance (and also shadows) should be linked to graphics settings, the way it is now is just a tremendous drawback in game quality. Maybe you can ask in Kunos forum if they can fix this.
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  5. i'll be sure to start a thread there soon... hopefully it gets some replies from others and garners their (kunos') attention.
  6. I fully agree, it simply looks very....well, "cheap" - lacking a better word for it.