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Polyphony release new GT5 game details

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Kevin Watts, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. Nope not a release date but GT Planet has the scoop on the following list of game features released by Polyphony today:

    One of the most important features for me which I am relieved to see listed is the addition of private lobbys which is a must for racing groups like the ones here and hopefully we can organise some online races. I'm hoping as one of the flagship Sony titles it will also include HOME support, maybe in a patch if not on release. With the RD HOME club up and running it would be great to meet in the club house to get set up then launch the game. The online pictures and movies will be handy as will the Youtube support. A big surprise if true is the PSEye support which sounds like we'll have proper TrackIR type head tracking support
  2. *Jumps around and bangs head on ceiling*
  3. It's not 100% clear yet whether there are 170 models with interiors (the rest without) or 170 models with interiors that can be damaged and the rest are non-damageable. It's likely to be the latter considering Polyphony's attention to detail. Would be a huge dent if it's the former though.
  4. I think it just says 170 completely new models (never in GT before) and 830 older models. I don't think there will be some cars that have damage and some that don't have damage.
  5. I think:

    Racecars with Damage,
    Streetcars without damage (due to manufacturers not liking that at all)

    all cars with interior, since in GTP all cars have interior and it would be unfinished if not all cars have interiors (imo) Racecars have interior deformation.

    so 830 Street Cars without damage but full interior
    170 Racecars With damage and full interior which also responds to damage.

    thats my take on it :)
  6. I think Sander hit the nail on the head. 170 cars are brand new, never before seen in GT. The other 830 are probably in the used car category :p

    Imagine if you could buy cheap used cars with scrapes and dents on them :D
  7. I read it the same way as Sander, though lets remember this article was translated from the Polyphony Japanese site and so may have lost some things in translation. I was more focused on the huge positive additions of private races and head tracking, that last bit alone had me searching the net for a good price on the Playstation Eye camera :)
  8. Looks like Roy was right after all:

  9. You're not the only one. Yes Mark, pics in the car 360° around with awesome represents of the drivers... OMG this beats anything on console racing by miles only with this tiny info........

    Waaaaaaa, and then look at the rest....

    Wooot Woooot

    GT hart is pumping again, bigtime!
  10. Yes it seems that way, just finished watching this video, note how the second street car takes no damage while the rally car does.

  11. Hmm just read Sanders link, no Porsche in GT5 either :(
  12. Ah well, i'll do with the Ruf RGT (GT3 RS based)

    it sucks, but you need something to wish for in the next game :)
  13. LOL thats one way of looking at it. Polyphony have been pretty good supporting GT5P so maybe with this generation of consoles having the ability to download content we may get a Porsche pack later on down the line if Polyphony can do a deal. Its odd though that Forza and NFS: Shift will have Porsche's and GT5 won't.