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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Stealthy, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. quick question , whats the max amount of polygons allowed per GMT?
  2. there is a polygon limit , i know there is i just cant remember it , its why if u make a too long sobject the exporter errors
  3. Ahh ok, you mean the limit in BTB, my bad :)
  4. Oh wait lol, I know the answer to this question, sorry, I have been slightly disconnected to BTB due to the $%^*#* license and I didn't click at your question.

    The limit to an SObject is a mix of common sense and logic. You don't want the object to be so long that the game has to draw the whole thing over a 5 km track for example. There is no real exact figure to measure it at, the common idea is 'not to make it too long'. "How long is a piece of string?" is about how long it should be.

    The best way to calculate something like this would be to understand the common lod's in the game. In most cases BTB sets lod's at 2000m, which is probably too much from my pov, 500-2000, depending on the situation, ie; if you have a sharp corner, no need to draw some parts until your almost on top of them, 2000 is 2km's which is quite a long way.

    When it comes to SObjects you have a string of 'small' objects, but the way BTB makes the SObject, it becomes one gmt (object) in the game. SO if you have an SObject that is 5km's long, with a lod of 2000m , you are drawing that entire object when you are miles from where you need to be able to see it.

    So, in this case with a lod of 2000, you want your SObject to be no longer than 2000m. But, if you were to drop the lod to 1000, you would want it no longer than 1000m.

    If you have a very complex object with lots of polys, then you need to set the lod's as low as possible so as to see them when you are supposed to se them without them popping up like magic in the view range. Then the length of the Sobject would be determined by the lod you set it at. And in this case I would highly recommend making lower lod models for the actual object itself, which would then once again decrease the length of the SObject.

    Does that make sense? It's not just 1 factor involved in the equation, there are a few that need to be considered :)

    I think the best way to give you a precise answer is to actually see the object you want to use as an SObject. If it is complex, then it might be best allroud to not set it as an SObject and use it as a single individual object. ie; if it is a fence, make the sections in 100m lengths and join them together manually.
  5. Yes, I realised it works that way, also for walls too - even if I set LOD to 25 for a very long SObject, after export I see the whole thing...

    But one strange aspect - I've made an invisible wall (transparent material) around the track, set LOD to 1 (and then to 5), changed for a while for another material (to see it in BTB ) and forgot to change it back to transparent. After export to RBR I still saw the whole wall (which was very long - surrounding the track). Maybe it was because that upright wall was crossing the terrain (which had different - bigger LOD)?
  6. If any part of an object is within the LOD distances, the whole thing gets shown. Create some new surfaces along the wall, and for each one choose 'Set Material'. It'll split the wall into several objects, and apply the LOD numbers to each one. The same goes for the track.
  7. Good idea! Thanks - I was almost about deleting the whole wall and draw many new. I've spent some time with it, it has many corners (surrounding buildings and touches some trees to make them collidable).
    But, does the track have its own LOD settings too? I guess I did't find this feature yet. Just in case, maybe I'm too impatient :)
  8. But with SObjects, I guess I will need to put them again - I have some long forest with background of trees (SObject) - I think I can split them into parts to save few fps?