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Poll: Weekday for Regular Preparation Race

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Jonas Lex, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. 1 day before every league race (Tuesdays)

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  2. 2 days before every league race (Monday)

  1. After we have been given the opportunity to do weekly events in the racing club now, I talked with Nico about having one preperation event before every league race. Nico and I think that would be a good idea because its a good way to promote the league throughout the season, drivers can prepare for the race of course and its also a good opportunity to test during the season to name a few points.

    These races will be about 20 minutes long and are 1 or 2 days before each league race, its not mandatory to take part of course but recommended and they are free for all RD members, just a typical racing-club-format event.

    After checking back we can now choose wether we would like to have these events on mondays (2 days before the league race) or tuesdays (1 day before the league race).
    So I would like all drivers who plan to drive in this league next season to vote for which day suits them best, please.

    Questions about these races can also be posted in this thread.
    Poll closes on Monday or if the result is clear
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  2. I just want to add that from our (the league's) perspective a 22 minutes race (identical to a stint race) would be prefered above 21 or 23 minutes if you get my point. But if the club-race people wish to use a different format it is no big issue.
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  3. Race club does require some compromises, i think that 10 laps is long enough. Clubs are a little bit more casual than leagues after all. Wouldn't mind 15 laps thou, would require more thought on tires but then again, clubs are made to attract more drivers..
  4. It probably depends on each driver if he sees a racing club event casual. But these events would mainly be for drivers who take it very seriously as a last test before the league race, so for them it would be better to simualte league race conditions with a stint.
    But the races can and should still be joined by not so motivated drivers of course :)

    Maybe it would be better though to have longer races because some drivers may have a race strategy with 1 longer stint and 2 shorter stints.
    If we have a race of lets say 26 minutes then drivers can test tire wear for both, slightly longer stints and shorter stint
  5. Mondays would be prefect :thumbsup: plus i work a tuesday so if it was a tuesday i couldent do it :thumbsdown:
  6. Been casual doesn't mean less safe, just that the format is looser to get low threshold for joining. All the same rules still apply..
  7. I agree with importance of keeping it casual, and 2x10 laps is a typical fun race. However, the most important attraction is a well filled grid with drivers skilled enough to create good racing.

    So what will attract the most people from Presto GP? Personally I would probably join most 2x10 lap races, most 2x15 laps races, most 22 min races, but 26 min not so often.

    2x15 laps is almost the same as 2x22min btw.
  8. Maybe something to consider, raising the laps to 15..
  9. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    It's a cool thing to have regular F1 2007 races in the club. Maybe some guys who still joined few of those races will get more comfortable with time and join us later when they got more confident.

    And it's a huge opportunity to attract new drivers. The latest F1 events in the club had been a great succes I think.
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  10. Yes so far Im more than happy with the outcome of the club races, a lot more drivers have signed up than I would expect, so to have regular races seems like a logical next step I guess :)

    about the format... should we really do a 2 race format?
    I mean in case of 2x22 min that would be 44 minutes (2/3 of the league race) and I feel like these events should just be an appetizer. Yesterday we had 2x ~13 min and that seemed like the perfect length to me.
    One thing Im against though is a lap race because I dont really so a pro point but many con points like the fact that its not very close to the league race and we would have to calculate everytime to make sure its about a stint.
    So I would prefer one 25 min race because then its not too short and slightly longer stints can be practised too, we could just do another poll.
  11. I agree 2x22 min could be a handfull :) So to keep the fun level high it might make sense to shorten the race as Jonas sais. We'll still get valuable traffic practice :)
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  12. Its not a very important decision I think so I'd suggest we start the 1st race with a 25 minute race and Im sure that there will be some feedback afterwards wether or not to change something for the other 9.
    And if I see the result, 14 to 0 I think we can already close the poll and decide on monday, so I think all about the preperation races is clear now :)
  13. Im sorry but I think that is a terrible idea :)

    I've tried to explain why in earlier posts, but in short it should either be 2x10 laps to maximise fun, or 22 minutes to maximise preperations for us. I see no arguement to chose 25 minutes above 22 minutes... it will lead to slightly poorer preperations and fewer participants relative to 22 min.

    For those who have started practicing they will see that we have a 22 min server for Hungaroring, we'll have that for all the races in the season, and many will use it to practice stint. If the Club event also is 22 minutes we in PrestoGP will automatically get perfect preperations, and those outside PrestoGP have access to perfect servers to prepare for the club-events (our 22 min server).
  14. As I said I dont think its too important so lets try it with 22 minutes first then and see what the feedback brings :)
  15. Another point would be if we want to do 2 monday races with the same track in a row before league races which have a 2-week brake.
    Any opinions or wishes?
  16. Sounds nice. In F1 2011 thread we usually had 2 club races every week on the upcoming league track.
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