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Points, Rules, and Cautions...

Discussion in 'Xbox One | NASCAR Friday Night Heat Series' started by Michael Watts, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    After someone of an Experimental first race, I thought it important to lay down some ground rules and put some ideas into black n' white.

    Drivers Meeting:
    We will try first to create a "Party Chat" with all drivers that plan on racing. When ready we will advance into the lobby and I can send an invite to all in the party. This should work until we get numbers over 16. Then we will have to adjust. Signing up is important but not completely necessary for every race as long as you are registered you can join in on the "Party Chat" by my Gamertag: Michaei Watts
    If you are in the Party chat before 8pm you will be invited into the Lobby for Racing. As long as we have not started the Race you can join in on the Party chat and I will still send an invite between each session. If you miss Qualifying you may start at the back of the pack, however you don't have very long with this game to join.
    We will go over some FYI info for the race, Caution Speed and any other questions that may need to be answered.

    Currently we are going to run A Practice 3%, Qualifying Round 3%, and Race 50%
    Practice is not mandatory, but as we found out there is only a 60 second countdown clock. I would like as many racers to make the race as possible, so we will try and accommodate and flex as much as possible without delaying the start and inconveniencing other drivers. As the larger numbers the better the racing and competition.
    **Please feel free to add in your ideas on how we can improve this**

    Radio Communications:
    Currently we have less than 16 drivers showing up, so Party Chat is our main communication at this point. If numbers surpass 16 we will most likely have to look at using Skype to communicate, its a simple app to add to Xbox. We can cross that bridge when we get there.
    Lets try to keep chatter to a minimum when Racing so Air can be clear for Calling Spotter Movements. ie ("Inside"/"Outside" Car#)
    Accidents happen, Tempers may flare up, but we need to remember to Always be respectful to our fellow drivers, and treat each other the way we want to be treated.

    Each Track will have its own Caution Speed. It is the Individual Driver's responsibility to know where he or she is at in the Running order. With that said the Leader must maintain the Caution speed until the field is Double File and ready to go Green again.
    Example: If you are in 3rd Place and Caution is called, the Leader and 2nd place Pits after the Caution is Called and You decide to stay out you must then maintain the Caution speed limit. So being aware of your Position on the track is very important to having these races run smoothly.
    Also first car 1 lap down is allowed to get 1 lap back upon the Caution being called, Unless that car is the cause of the Caution. the "Lucky Dog" must restart at the back of the field.
    Also Lap down cars can get their lap back if they decide to stay out when the leader pits, placing them on the Tale End of the Lead Lap they will be allowed to speed up and join the field at the back before the restart.
    If you are involved in a Caution or cause a caution you must Pit, or Restart at the back of the Field Unless the whole field is involved. In this case we will try to organize all cars into their original positions before the caution.
    **Again if anyone has constructive advice on improving Caution periods please feel free to add**

    At this moment we will utilize the 2016 Points system for NASCAR on a Sliding scale.
    ie. 40 drivers=40 points, 24 drivers=24 Points, 16 drivers= 16 points, 8 Drivers=8 points
    Bonus Points= 3 points for Winner, 1 point for leading a lap.
    Winning a Race automatically makes you Eligible for the Chase. If we only have 16 drivers throughout the season then everyone is eligible. Bonus points will set the Points for the first Round.
    Championship Bonus Points= 3 points for each win in the Regular Season** these points are only used in the first round of the Championship. After each Championship round points are zeroed out and only Lead a Lap Bonus points are used.
    Chase Championship Rounds will Include 3 races, Top 12, 8, and 4 will advance through the rounds until the final race where it comes down to 4 cars at Homestead. No bonus points will be awarded the Championship will be decided by highest finisher.
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