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Points for pole position, fastest lap

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Keith Windsor, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. First off, to make it easier to create your first custom season file, I recommend Ferrariman's Custom championship creator, which you can download on this site.
    If anyone is running a custom season, and would like to vary their points system, I thought I would post a few extra commands that you can use to add points for fastest lap, pole position, laps led, in a custom season.

    Once you've created the custom season.aos file, just add these lines into it (just add the lines you want, or 'deactivate' lines using // as in example below :

    FirstPlace = 20
    SecondPlace =16
    ThirdPlace = 14
    FourthPlace = 12
    FifthPlace = 10
    SixthPlace = 8
    SeventhPlace = 6
    EighthPlace = 5
    NinthPlace = 4
    TenthPlace = 3
    EleventhPlace = 2
    TwelvthPlace = 1
    // tested up to 25th place
    // AnyLapsLead=1
    // FastestLap=1
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