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Tracks Poços de Caldas Kart 1.2

A little and fun Kart Track, located in Brazil

  1. Nox

    Staff Premium

    You need to add screenshots and/or a video of your upload please.
  2. Nox

    Staff Premium

    All of your tracks crash my game on the loading screen; no error messages. Any ideas Adriano? :)
  3. Hello, Nox.
    Thank you to warn me!
    I don't had any problems with crash, it's very strange.
    Some friends tested too before i posted tracks, because this i really don't know what's happening.
    I believe that you unzip inside Gamedata\Locations folder, correct?
    I will test open game in all resolutions and anti-aliasing filters.
    I tested before made the latest update.
    I just updated my game yesterday on night, after post Imperatriz kart track. I don't know if it can be the problem, or resolution, or track folder structure, or other issue...
    IF someone had problems too, please, report here.
    I will try reply as fast as possible.
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  4. Hello, Nox.
    I uninstalled all kart tracks that i converted and installed again all of they. Now with latest game upgrade. All tracks run perfectly to me.
    Please, can you pass the game config that you use? Window res, frequency, anti alias, graphic resolutions, to i can test with your configuration?
  5. Nox

    Staff Premium

    I'll take a look when I can, sure.
  6. If you have problems to make this track run propertly, please, unzip track folder inside your Gamedata\Locations folder, and after this, move "terrain.tdf" file, inside kart track folder, to Gamedata\Locations