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Plz Help, I'm a bit confused by some mods

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Vaughn Stegeman, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. SO!
    What's confusing me is this: for WSGT and P&G, from reading the readme-s .. it appears that these install their own interface or something? And P&G seems to become a completely separate game, is that true? Is that the same for WSGT? .. I'm not yet used to the GTR2 mods, but some of them sure seem different from the Race 07 mods.
    I don't really want to overwrite my GTR2 install, nor am I particularly interested in a new interface. Also, I'm not really sure where some of the cars end up as far as classes go. I'd like to keep the GT and NGT classes stock .. so if a vehicle puts itself in either of those, can I somehow move them somewhere else? If so, how .. and how will that affect online racing with those cars?
    Thanks in advance. :cool:
  2. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    One step at a time.. Staff Member Premium Member

    hello Vaughn

    yes mate it makes a stand alone sim that is only to be used for PnG I cant comment on WSGT ive never used it.
    its real simple to do just point it at a clean install of GTR2 and it will do the rest and it is rather good.
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  3. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    @Vaughn Stegeman ,

    With the WSGT mod i made a folder and installed the mod into it rather than directly into my GTR2 so i can see all the file folders and just put in the files from GAMEDATA and left everything else. This way i was able to keep the regular interface. I have read somewhere that the WSGT interface conflicts with some mods so i didn't use it and it still won't effect your ability to go online with that mod.

    Some mod cars do sometimes end up in the default classes but they just won't be usable if you go online for the default classes.

    As Rupe has said if you are going to go for the P&G mod, it is highly recommended that a fresh install of GTR2 is used just for that mod.

    I myself do not have the P&G mod, quite happy with GTL and the HistorX mod for rFactor but i do have two installs of GTR2 one with a lot of mods and classes that i've made up for my personal offline use and another one just default cars and tracks for online use and i just install the mods and tracks when i need to use them and delete them after i'm done racing.
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  4. P+G uses the GTR2 engine. If you install it stand-alone you drive old cars. Period.
    If you install it with GTR2 you get both, modern and old. New interface will be there for both. The best is to have a separate install for P+G and one for normal GTR2.
  5. Thanks, I get it now :)
  6. Another thing, P+G is really not easy if you are new to GTR2. First drive the normal cars for a while until you can handle them well. You will find the P+G cars are all over the place and they take some getting used to.
    For any help, pop in here and we will sort you out. ;)