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Please tell me which is GT Legends?

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Jose Ferreira, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. I was trying to buy a GT Legenda but I saw it a few GT Legenda witch is that Race Department is using for the coming race on the 4 of December, I will like to buy with my credit card as soon as possible, so I can join the race.

    Thank you

    Jose Ferreira :bye:
  2. Thanks Andrew

    Thanks a lot Andrew but I think I can't buy by credit card, anyway thank you.

  3. yea, that was just an example, to show you the box, so you know what to get... you prolly want to find somewhere a bit closer to home than the uk tho :D :thumb:
  4. OK Andrew now I undrstand, if I can't find here,tomorrow I will look at all the game store all over Macau.

    Actually I like that racing game, cos before I have one of those Alfa Romeo and the Mini cooper too.


  5. There is also a version out that bundles GTR2 with GT Legends. You might want to keep an eye out for that one too!!
  6. Yep it's called "GTR2 Game of the Year". It has GTR2 and GTL together in the one pack. It seems to be more available to buy on -line too.
    I picked up a copy so I had a back up for GTL.

    Just type that into Google and you should find heaps of places selling it.
    Here is an example:
  7. Thank you Warren, yes thats it I want to buy.

    Best regards