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Please SMS give us a demo or access to the Beta

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by yellowpinkie, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. this is excruciating - being bounced to April was bad enough but this is torture!!!

    It's all well and good for investors to say "c'est la vie, release it when it's ready", but the rest of us are peeing in the wind here! PLEASE give us a demo - one car on one track if necessary or, better yet, release the beta to people who've preordered. From the gazillion videos on youtube it's clearly stable and playable and that's good enough for me and I suspect thousands like me!!!

    come on - who's with me?!

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  2. My videos got to you, eh?
  3. Yes goddammit!
  4. Sorry man. It sucks that it was delayed but it's looking better and will definitely be worth the wait.
  5. I'm sure it will be but I'd love to know why they're not opening the beta up, at least to those of us that have preordered. Life is hilariously cruel...
  6. Unfortunately the Pre-Order doesn't include Beta access through the vendor in which you pre-ordered. Development builds are contractually bound to WMD members whom originally funded the game.
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  7. Yes I realise that but it's v frustrating to watch other people play... If they want to give the fans something to make up for the delay, the best thing I can think of is access to the beta
  8. Time spent prepping a beta will only delay the final release..... Though I would love to have a beta of at least 1 car and 1 track to help me wait until they finally get around to a "real" release.
  9. :) Trust me. As a WMD member. I too wished there had of been time to do a 1 Track/Car Demo released close to release. A little something for the Fan base to wet their whistle on so to speak. I may be #fangirling here but there are days I simply cannot put pCARS away. I've even missed a league quali round in rF2 because I was too busy doing "just one more lap!" in the R8 LMS Ultra on pCARS Nords.
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  10. Daaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmnnnnnn!!!!!!
  11. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    If the game is great, a demo would only be helping the sales.

    I wish the days of the demos was back, there is quite a few games I would never have considered if not for a very good demo.
  12. Sorry at this point it won't happen there are bigger things needing to be done in the closing months of development. Just be patient and the additional wait I can safely say won't be a let down except for those that will find let downs no matter what.
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