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Please share your Motec logfiles

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Alan Lockwood, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Not sure how many you have Motec working and creating logs, but hopefully some you wouldnt mind sharing some with me.

    I've only been playing offline because my internet connection is really poor. My performance has seemed to plateaued around the 95% AI level. Depending on the car and track of course but this is where I stand. My racing line i think is pretty good. Watched F1 and GT racing race the line and these people should know what they are doing. Just been copying them. You can watch people race all day but you'll never know exactly where you stand compared to them in terms of breaking points, gassing points and at what %. The details essentially.

    Thanks, Alan
  2. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole
    Premium Member

    Alan, I am not one of the aliens, but let me know what tracks you are running and I will see about getting some motec data for you on those. I am fairly consistent so you might be able to see where we do things differently. I race at about 105% AI level and I can usually get things worked out to where I am just barely faster than they are.
  3. I run istanbul, silverstone (the long track - not sure the name), brno alot. But honestly anything is good. Trying to learn them all. I always find that there is a corner or two on everytrack that i can never get right and lose alot of time on. The little chicane at the back on imola. The run over the curbs just before the main straight and pit lanes at Magny-Cours.
  4. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole
    Premium Member

    OK, will run Istanbul, Silverstone, Brno and Magny tomorrow and see what I can do for you. Will send you a PM when I am done to get your email address to send the files to.
  5. That may not work as well as you might hope since the track map files we can generate from Race don't contain the inside and outside lines of the track, which makes studying even one's own lines difficult. Without knowing the actual 2D line (e.g. for road camber, bumps, curbing, etc.) you may not be able to make full sense of differences in steering or throttle application.
  6. Very valid. This is where live for speed is ahead for sure.
  7. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole
    Premium Member

    Well, I was actually going to send him replays that he could watch as well, that way he might have a visual cue as to where my line is different from his :)
  8. If you can turn the replay into an avi video (via fraps or a capture card, etc.) you can also load the video in MoteC (just needs a simple manual timing alignment with the log data inside i2 pro).
  9. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole
    Premium Member

    Sorry about the delay on the laps mate, got busy trying to figure out Hockenheim short for the mini event and lost track of time. will see if I can complete by thursday evening.
  10. Its all good i'm in no rush.
  11. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole
    Premium Member

    Alan, due to unforeseen problems with my system I have been unable to get the files just yet. Should have my system up and running properly in a few days I hope.
  12. Perfect timing actually because i'm in the middle of exams right now and really shouldn't be playing around with computers games. Hope you get your system up and running though. Sucks when things get messed up.
  13. I had a similar problem getting that last two seconds off my times. I made these videos to find the problem. First one is my lap and the second is Nick Ansells lap. I superimposed the replay and screencap from MoTec and found that it is absolutely amazing tool.

    My lap:

    Nicks lap:

    In my video the gaudes are brake and throttle, in Nicks video i put front/rear tire slip and yaw rate as well. Just by looking MoTec data is hard to analyze what really happens but with video it becomes so much easier.

    After examining these videos very carefully i found my error and now driving is a pleasure, as before it was a frustrating. Mine was that my driving lines were slightly wrong:Brake too hard and late. tried to turn too early and cause of that my entry speed dropped plus i got horrible understeering at the exits. I have to state, i don't drive like that anymore..

    EDIT: Oh yeah, i have to mention that it wasn't Nicks best lap..
  14. Wow thanks! Nick has no front slip at all on corner exit.

    Not sure what my problem is to be honest. I find the AI always out brake me. I have been driving the aston alot and it's rear slides around everywhere...fun but probably not fast and wears the tires out quickly. Been getting better at keeping my feet in at corner exit and trying to steer with the throttle. I just use the default setup. I figure if the AI can do it than so can I. Having a better setup than the AI seems like cheating kinda.

    Didn't know there was a GT-R for this game.

    Something kinda off topic, do you guys use the clutch? I dont know if there a configuration in Evo where you are forced to use it like in Live for Speed. If you dont put in the clutch it wont change gear. Auto clutch off only mean you need the clutch for getting away from stop and doesn't auto blip so you kinda have to do one foot heal and toe. Is there a setting somewhere...maybe in the control settings .rcs file?
  15. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole
    Premium Member

    Hehehe, using a setup against the AI is cheating :) First off, you have to know that the AI cheats anyways. The settings for the AI allow them to be impossibly consistent most of the time as well as being able to use the brakes, clutch and grip to near 100% which is very difficult to do without a proper setup. The only reason you see the cars leaving the track or having accidents is because the AI have a rating which determines just how good they are at maintaining their concentration level to keep using the brakes etc at near 100%.

    I suspect too that tire wear is different for them and I also suspect even in pro mode that they are still using the assists. I have raced in the formula RR cars and they AI sound like they have traction control working full time coming out of a corner. you can hear the engine revs oscillating to keep traction.

    All that being said, a proper setup will allow you to better use what you have available to it's fullest. By being able to adjust caster and camber you will be able to keep more of the tire on the pavement increasing grip and reducing tire wear as well as allowing you to be faster into and out of corners. A proper setup will also allow you to adjust the differential to allow for your driving style a bit by letting you lower the % of power being delivered to the rear tires equally. The lower the number, the less power is being delivered to the tire that keeps traction, helping to keep the back end under you under throttle.
  16. I didn't know thats how the AI were setup. Cheaters!...haha. Guess ill try and put some car setups together. Exams are over so let the time wasting begin! Thanks for the differential pointers.