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Please Please Please Update the consoles!!!

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by grayjonny, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Not sure if you can but can we please please please have an update for the PS3, having seen all the mods for PC edition surely there must be a pack we can have for the meager console...

    Or at least some sponsor updates, the force india has no fuselage sponsors at all not even white mackay let alone sahara come on please please please
  2. Consoles can not be modded im afraid.
  3. that is not fair surely an official update some where some time lol
  4. im not even gonna say it.
  5. If you wanna play the game with mods you should really stop playing consoles budget games.
    Switch to PC and enjoy 1080 P + HD Gaming on DX 11 with 64 AA.
    Consoles can only dream about that kind of graffics.
  6. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    And also dream about the crashes to desktop,driver update issues, etc. that we see reported at times lol.

    I am saying that tongue in cheek of course ;) Unfortunately some of us are not able to afford the upgrades to our pc's (or new pc's) that running the game would entail. The great thing about consoles is you start the game up and it's there.. no issues.. it just starts with no hassles!!

    Prior to F1 2010 I always ran my racing games \ sims on PC but that has not been possible for some time so my wife picked me up a second hand Xbox and F1 2010 for a good price and I have run both games problem free ever since :)

    Yes the mods, etc. would be nice but they are not a deal breaker and plenty of us enjoy the game immensely on consoles out of the box and without having to mess about with drivers, DX, etc.