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Please help me to make this game better!

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Mike85, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Hi guys!
    I’m having a lot of fun with GSC and it looks like this is the best sim I’ve ever played in my life. However there are a couple of problems I am still dealing with and without any luck so far.
    1) Is there by chance a possibility to put all of those (released later) not included tracks into the single player championship mode?
    2) Once I installed all of the 3 DLCs, I noticed that all of my AI opponents don’t have proper names but only player 1 player 2 player 3 etc. and for the teams: team 1 team 2 team 3… Is there a way to give them a proper and unique name by chance?
    3) I’m using the ENB series HDR mod 1.01 in GSC, but unfortunately this mod does not work with another HUD only mod from rfactor (downloaded in this forum) due to different d3d9d.dll file! Is there a way to use them both?

    I would be really extremely grateful for your help!
  2. Hi.
    1- I think you have to modify the .rfm
    2- Try to reinstall...
    3- I think it is not possible... I prefer having the HUD personnaly...
  3. 1- As Patrick said you would need to modify or make a new .rfm, but I'm not sure if this can be done with GSC as it might be encrypted!!

    2- The new DLC cars and drivers don't have names as they're not based of a specific series. Provided your Stock Cars are correct then there's nothing wrong with the game :) .

    3- Afraid I can't help you there as I don't use modified HUDS or ENB Series.
  4. thank you for your answers! lets hope there is a way to modify names and teams though.... it feels strange playing that way... and as for the tracks, maybe changing some folder names and files might at least overwrite the tracks..
  5. I'd be very surprised if you cannot edit both the championship circuits and the driver names, same as rFactor.
    Have a look in rFm folder, the reiza1.rfm file is the stock car file, and you can see the order of the circuits there near the top, using notepad.
    Then looking in the vehicles folder, you can find the .veh file for each of thecars and it says 'driver 1' instead of a name. I suggest back up boh files and edit them, see what happens, that's what I will do when I get round to it, but bit busy at the moment :)
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  6. 3- can you check that proxy is enabled inside enbseries.ini file ?

    then rename d3d9.dll HUD file to d3d9-gsc.dll.

    i'm not at home to test it with hud tools dll but it works with softth.
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  7. Thank you a lot!!! :) i'll try to change them as soon as I get home!!! Hope it will be easy as you described it! :p
  8. I will do it! Thank you!!!! lets hope it will work without issues. Later I will post my results! :)
  10. I tried to follow your suggestion and edited the .veh file putting 'Fernando Alonso' instead of 'driver 1'. The result is - now I have 3 Fernando Alonso in the game and each of them drives on his own....... :mad:

    It seems to me that in order to play properly, I don't have to choose more than 5 competitors per race or championship..... :-(

    any other way to solve it? :(
  11. You can create more cars : copy/paste the .VEH of the F3, with the dds., and change the name of the pilots.
  12. You are right, it might be a nice idea! Will try it later. I hope there won’t be any issues with that. How do I know which AI driver is faster than another in order to give him a proper name? :-P or at least something very close to it! Of course it would be quite odd to see Vitaliano Liuzzi winning a race! :D
    I wonder why nobody made this kind of ‘’mod’’ already… This game is so much better than f1 2011 but the lack of weather is a real pity though…
  13. There is a skin pack for the F3. I think it creates many teams. Try it.
    For the rain, not a problem for me.

    I pray everyday for a GT car in GSC... That would be fantastic...