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Please help, Graphics problem thats driving me Mad!!!

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Mark Johnston, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Help, Graphic problem and i am going to go Mad!!!!
    hey guys,

    Just got a new Graphics card (Nvidea 460gtx) and I am having a nightmare!

    Works fine on Race07 and in rfactor but only in Meganes on say the BROS server with more than 28 cars!, also fine with F1 1988.

    However when i play in any others mods like Porsches, GP2 or Touring Car legends i have a problem,

    it is Superb up until there is more than about 10 cars then 1 car will look really messes up, not only that but the messed up graphics will drag all across the screen making it impossible to drive.

    I have a friend who is very good with computers and he reckons my Graphics card is too new for rfactor and that i will just have to wait untill rf2 is released! in fear of that i am thinking off putting old card back which i don't want to do. :( He also says that Nvidea have stopped supporting rFactor? which is just great!

    Tried lots of drivers and all setting I can find, all temp's are fine and i am think now of buying a playstation!!!
    Please somebody help me before i take this PC and smash it of a bridge!!
    have attached photos,
    Regards Mark J

    GRAB_003.JPG GRAB_002.JPG GRAB_006.JPG
  2. Check your settings in rfactor again , is it set to 10 cars visible or a max of 10 cars on the track- they are 2 different things
    check that all your graphic options are maxed out and on dx9, the card can easily handle it
    ive come across the issue sometimes but not that often and slight adjust of ai numbers seem to fix it.
    your friend is wrong in his assumption
    worst case is you got a bad card(i dont think its this though as i have occasionally seen the same issue and have heard of others mention it ,all with different graphic cards) , easy way to test is do a clean install with rfactor or lite version , no mods and see if you get any issues with the default cars, keep bumping up the number of cars on the track.
  3. So not only does ATi have an issue with rFactor and XP but now also Nvidia!
  4. Funny you say that. From what I've seen or read throughout the forums ATi are the better cards to have ATM. This is the first time I've seen any mention of problems for ATi. It seem nVidia have completely forgotten about XP for their new cards drivers. There are many so it seams that are having no trouble with them using Windows 7 OS. Not seen much on Vista. Guess that one is being replace very quickly.
  5. The common ATi problem is seeing ghost cars (or perhaps not seeing them) when using XP and rFactor together.

    But yes, the consensus currently is that ATi are the card to have, which is a good job for AMD as they are getting pummeled in the processor department currently.
  6. so window 7 maybe the way forward,

    thankyou so much for your help, will try anything at this point :)

    need to get back to racing!!
  7. Put dx8 on rfconfig and problem is solved.

    I have nVidia 9800 GT and I had always graphical glitches and color was so messed up all over the place, after game freezed like 5s on dx9.

    Then friend of mine told me to put on dx8, long time ago, and now I dont get anymore graphical problems.
  8. tryed, dx8,7,9, no joy,

    thanks for shout but
  9. Same problem. I've installed WHQL 266.58 XP32bit (latest) and it still doesn't work (one of the guys wrote, that it solve his problem http://isiforums.net/f/showthread.php/470-Graphical-Issues.)

    Experimental: 10 opponents on track - work fine.
    10-15 opponents - problems begin on race monitor in boxes with some of opponents when you look at them.
    More than 15 opponents - artefacts are visible in your car right after loading the track.

    System: Win XP SP3
    GPU: Nvidia 460 GTX

    UPD: I have almost clean installation. Deleted WTM and F1_1992 mods and tried with default cars. Problem is still here. Still, something with the drivers for certain.