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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Christophe Berton, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. I have the old playseat version (black/blue) but that new version looks really great. And i must say the playseat sits great :)
  2. they look nice
  3. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG


    If you do get a playseat, let me know what you think to it, as I am thinking about get one, sometime this year hopefully.

    My only worry is I am 6ft 5" and heavy, so would I fit in it height and would it take my weight, but currently on diet.

    Anyway let me know if you get one
  4. I dont like the centering pole were the wheel is attached, it makes it hard to reach the brakepedal when its there, but anyway i will order one seat today becouse its the only one out there that i have tryed and it seems to hold up good even after a while, and i think the G25 pedalrack can be adjusted to fit good on playseat, at least i hope.

    Just dont know if i will go black or white, white looks better but i think it may look used very fast, the black i think will last for years of racing.
  5. Hehe one dissapointment is that after some hours my ass starts to hurt, playseat is quite hard in the padding but i must say that i still love the chair.
    One nice thing is when going over curbs or similar the whole seat shakes if the ff is high on the wheel. I dont think i will ever miss my officechair again :)
  6. Iv'e looked at the new playseat and the old playseat.
    which one is better?
    the old version is £60 cheaper which is very tempting.
  7. Havent test the old one myself but i heard that its not quite as "solid" and flex more then the new one. But at least you dont get that anoying pole betwen your feets.
  8. nice seat
  9. Im trying to buy the older version of the playseat due to it being cheaper, but how do i fit the g25 on it anybody know how to do it.
    Will i be disappointed with the older version
    Jacob whats your seat like
  10. Playseat was developed for G25, they even have a special edition where you can have the shifter special holder, but from my side i would not go for the version where you have the frame middle consol inbetween your legs, i think it is too much disturing the driving.
  11. The frame in the middle is the new version, But on the website it says i doesn't support the g25 because it doesn't fit the gear shift and buttons on the metal plate.
    Attija do you use paddles or the gear shift on your g25
  12. Paddles all the time, simply because this is the fastest possible way to shift gears.

  13. can we adjust the angle of inclination for pedales on these models(Evolution)?
  14. Nope, maybe with brute force it can be done, but you can change it to left and right so that take away the centering pole problem pretty much.
    About G25 fitting, in the new playseat you even got screws to mount the pedals and the steeringwheel with so its a perfect match.
  15. Ben did you get the older version of the play seat and if you did how do you find it as Ive read so reviews that the center bar moves quite a bit.

  16. Dear all:

    Is that anyway to purchase the racing seat online?

    Thanks buddies
  17. last summer I bought myself the old playseat (not the evolution version)
    my old wheel (formula force ex) fits perfectly on it

    but a few months ago I bought the G25
    the pedals where too big to fit on the iron plate
    and there was no option to fasten a gearshift holder to it

    luckily my best friend was able to make some adjustments to it
    (mounted a bigger, wooden plate over the iron one
    so now the pedals do fit on it
    and he also made out of wood and steel sort of a gearshiftholder
    fastened to the right side of the seat)
    it worked out brilliantly

    Haven't regretted my purchase of the old version yet