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Playing a LAN Multiplayer game with official Steam and a crack ??

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by The-Sheriff, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. Hi,
    Just wondered if any of you has tried to set up a LAN Multiplayer game with your own official dvd game or Steam version against a crack version ?
    I have the Steam version, and would like to test the LAN gaming before my friend comes with his DVD version of the game. (So we know it works as he has had some connectivity issues with his DVD version in F1 2011 online sessions - he has been kicked off in the Lobby/Garage - just before racing, but he can play a various number of other online games).

    The Steam version cannot be divided to also run my testpc, at the same time, as to licensing issues. Fair enough.
    I am now left with testing my Steam version on my pc, and a crack version on the test pc. The crack version works fine, as far as starting up with an offline Windows Live Gaming account.
    Whenever I host a LAN game from either the Steam version on my pc or the crack version on the test-pc, they cannot see each others LAN race. My Steam version can of course host Multiplayer games online, and join online. No problem.

    Both machines are member of the same local network, IP adresses, subnet etc is set up as you would normally do, and they can both map network drives from other machines, to each machine, and they can map local drives to each other and share files and folders. The network connection works so to speak ;-). Both running updated Windows 7 Ultimate x64 versions. Firewall disabled.

    The LAN part in F1 2011 does not work. Is that because of the crack version and WGL offline account on the test pc or has someone a fix to this issue.... or at least has tried the same setup - any experiences we can share ?

    It would be much appreciated.
    Cheers Peter

    EDIT: I will anyway get back with more information when he comes by at some point, with his DVD version so we can test the LAN Multiplayer with two official versions, it would just be nice to know some expereinces of LAN if it is to be forgotten until F1 2012...
  2. Discussions involving illegal software are kinda frowned upon, this will most likely be binned.

    I know that Steam and DVD owners of Shift and/or Shift 2 can't play nice together. Maybe something similar going on here.
  3. Hi Senad,
    Probably yes. And yes I am aware of this, but this is the place of knowledge, as far as F1 2011 goes and Multiplayer sessions.
    When I was a chairman of the Danish F1 LAN League some years ago, we had a silent permission from Ubisoft to use the NOCD image, of their game as they knew we all had the official version, but we experienced higher value in LAN, when using NOCD as no load from CD/DVD drives while hooked up.
    So its not that illegal so to speak when you have the official one.

    This thread is not more illegal than having a copy of a music cd, than you also have a digital version of ;-)
  4. In F1 2010, online multiplayer wasn't a problem at all, even with 2 computers from the same IP, one steam copy and one DVD version. So I'd conclude 2 legal versions should work when he comes over. I assume 2 steam versions work as well, in F1 2010, it worked in F1 2011. Steam license = play the game on any computer, but on one computer simultaniously.

    Both games must run the same patch version. Steam automatically updates by default, so the other version should be 1.2 too. If not, that client will be kicked early in the loading process of the garage (earlier than loading is finished).

    The can't drive out of garage fix can be applied manually after game is at version 1.2: http://community.codemasters.com/fo...1420/477326-pc-cant-drive-out-garage-fix.html

    I actually never tested the LAN option. I went for coop that acts like playing via the internet, even though the ping is 0 or 1. You can also setup a private lobby, so only you 2 are in it (and perhaps some AI). I have no clue what the added value of the LAN option is.

    It's just useless to test with cracks, if the final result is with legal versions anyway.
  5. Hi Rob
    Many thanks for your experiences.
    I Will for sure take Them in consideration.
    I am quite sure he is on latest patch as Well as I.
    He did it manually and my Steam version does it automatically.
    Cheers Peter
  6. Hi
    Just to clarify that the added value of LAN is for a league purposes or people meeting up like we did years ago.
    We were around 12-20 adult men meeting with out computers and wheel sets, every 2 months with a mission of having fun in competing in 2-3 GP's each time we met, and ending the year with prizes for the Championship(s).
    Just like online but we did it real life :)
    Great great fun and exitement. The atmosphere was amazing, nothing less.
    We were sponsored with prizes from Ubisoft and later EA Sports when we used their F1 game.
    Also sponsored with a small fee from each participant.
    It can be highly recommended :)
  7. Ok, nice, sounds like fun :)
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