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Players drop out of MP

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by nikh, Dec 29, 2014.

  1. Players drop out of MP for no reason other than they`ve got no chance of winning. This happens constantly. I had my best ever result tonight - a magnificent 6th place - from a starting field of 23.
    Of course that achievement was somewhat diminished when there were only 8 finishers :mad:.
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  2. I agree. Racers push, push, push... You never know what will happen up front. Besides, it's a 10 minute race!
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  3. It annoys me too. But on occasions the family coming home and knocking on the door asking to be let in and help with bringing in the shopping, or daughter wanting help with homework, all these life events, have interrupted a few games for me.

    I do at times feel like shouting "Just five minutes, there is a chance I might not finish last here" but that kind of thing never goes over well.
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  4. As a racer that is usually at the back of the bus, it is very annoying to not have anyone to race against or with simply bc they aren't fast enough. I usually start out slow and last, so as I work my way up the field I get all happy, but then I realize I am still last.....and I passed 10 cars!!!! I go by them and they drop out...I guess I have that effect on them... lol

    I think they should have a stat for how many races a player drops out of.

    I agree about RL getting in the way, it will always happen and is acceptable, but clearly most of the people are jumping ship bc they are either not winning, get hit/rammed. Not many jump out in practice or qualification, so where there is smoke there is fire.
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  5. Exactly, I have had several nice races that have been settled on the last lap!
    It's not over untill you cross the finish line..

    I hear you, and this have happened to me too.

    But in most cases you se the guy make a mistake or get a slide he can't get control over, and suddenly rage quits.. .
    This happens every time, and most often to more than just one.
  6. James Nance

    James Nance
    I like Race cars? Premium Member

    I agree with all this. Ive had many races where I was leading and then everyone behind me drops out or gives up. On the other occasions ive had races where I start from the back or I get hit and I end up having to work my way up and once and a while I will catch up to the leaders on the last lap or win on the last corner, never give up. Besides as I always say, there are bigger fish out there.
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  7. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    I agree, it's annoying. Although I make the effort to finish the majority of races even if it's going badly, I must admit I've quit on a few occasions. Normally it's when the first lap of a race is a complete train wreck and it's clear the lobby is full of crashers. That's no fun, particularly as my gaming time is limited, so I occasionally quit in search of a better race. I have rage quit once or twice but that's very rare. Sometimes it's simply because so many people quit that there's nobody left to race apart from those two aliens off in the distance.

    Dedicated servers cannot come soon enough.
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  8. Sometimes the crashers are quite funny. I don`t mean those that deliberately ram cars out of road rage or whatever, but sometimes it pays to qualify in last, hang back a little at the start and then pick your way through the first corner mayhem. Of course inevitably you`ll get taken out by someone who isn`t expecting you to brake for a corner and they`ll all go shooting past you again...
  9. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin
    Premium Member

    i will try always to finish races , sometimes i have to quit due to the red mist forming (usually after being surgercally removed for the 3rd or 4th time)

    But my advice to everyone is stay there do the laps ...why? well you learn the corners ; you learn the track you get extra seat time ...i know when your twenty seconds back its not racing really but its worth it

    i think the biggest issue is people not understanding the difference between racing contact and a punt ; yesterday i raced at hock and managed to get on the inside of a merc coming into the hairpin , he had a wider line and i was tight on the apex , i braked late caught his car lifted of the brakes and was level on re braking , a legitimate racing move..... now if i was the guy in the merc i would have stayed on the brake pedal a fraction longer and cut back under my car as it tried to square off the corner ... but nope we were centimetres apart and the merc turns in at it usual point but a slight issue as there is a beemer level with him ; this causes contact and a lap later the guy doesnt brake and rear ends me into t2 destroying my car , i asked why and the guy said i started it ....
    So the issue stems from different opinions on racing
    ill race hard , i will shut the door , i will try and thread the needle but i also will run side by side with people giving racing room , i wont tap and run , but sometimes as in real life there will be contact as running a tenth away from someone isnt always easy
    We then come to the concept of blocking / already two issues arise ; the european sense and the american sense of blocking ....
    as far as i understand the american sense its the old weaving rule, you cant make a second movement to react to a car trying to pass .... i stopped iracing because of this misunderstanding i will take the racing line and i will defend it with one move but in iracing you get accused of blocking and then generally hoofed of the track

    So what am i trying to say ; take your racing line , be decisive, look at the gap between you and defend when you know you need to , if the guy your racing is good he will stay with you and contact shouldnt be life threatening
    dont change your mind in the braking zone you will get contact because people have made there decisions at that point and your along for the ride

    And most important ... little by little know your competitors ; you know who you can race with , you learn who you cant

    i have had had some brilliant races on the public servers i have also had a few wreck fests

    so hang in there , keep the faith , finish the race as you never know

    im online and on ts most days , im not brilliant but if you need help i can try and explain run a few laps etc ,explain a bit with setups etc

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  10. i think a wot solution should solve this. really enjoying you 92 dtms then don't quit out early cause you cant race again until the race is over because your car is sitting there in the pitbox until the race ends.
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  11. @Andi: I think everybody of us have similar situations. As I met you on a few Online-Sessions I know that you are quick driver and a hard fighter but always trying to keep fair.

    I don't understand the behavior of some of the Players. They made a little mistakte and drop off the Race. But especially at those Races you can learn alot.

    For e.g. Yesterday I made a DTM92-race @ Zandvoort with full grid. After a quite good Start I was in 3rd but then i've made a mistakte in T8 (Scheivlak). I came wide off the line and touch the gravel with my rear - what had ended up in a Spin.
    After that I was quite disapointed for sure, but I came back into the field @ Pos. 16 and had a funny race.
    In that Race I had a Situation that definitly shows, how blocking can end up.

    The Driver in front of me was a little bit slower but I can't overtake because he was blocking quite hard. But then he made a little mistake in the last Corner. That mistake costs him just a little speed but i was faster and want to overtake him on the Start-/Finish-Straight. So I turn on the right side - but he came right. I turn on the left side - he turn left. Before I hit his trunk I turn on the right again and came up on his side. So on my right there was the Pitwall and on the left side was his rear end. In that situation he had nothing better to do than moving on the right side again, hitting my front with his rear. That forces him into a spin.
    If he had stayed on his line he might have lost his position - in that way he definitly had.
  12. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin
    Premium Member

    yes you can escape and leave

  13. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin
    Premium Member

    Racings tough especially when we are basically trying to push as hard as we can , its just recognising that if someone is on your bumper and they are as quick or quicker and you defend some contact will happen , now if they keep there foot in and dont brake then its doomed ; some times i mess up , get to close tap the car and its going to spin ;i accelerate tap the front and straighten them out is one option !!; give the place back is another say sorry is good ...but sometimes its a battle out there and time is not on your side ....

    but when its right its right .... ill try and find some video of racing with a few people where we have been side by side for nearly a lap of zandvoort , giving room ,squeezing but not pushing off track ..fun and stress and good racing

  14. I agree nikh i always try and finish the race (im pretty much always last) it just takes a lot of the game away when people rage quit. Although trying to balance racing and 3 kids is a challenge to say the least people should make more of an effort to finish. BTW what happened to you in DTM92 last night you said your car blew up?? :)

    May be a system where by you cant join another race until the race you entered has finish might make people think twice before quiting?? just an idea.
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2014
  15. I have had thoughts of something like this as well, but not sure it would have a beneficial effect..
    Maybe when some kind of point system is implemented, you could receive penalty points if you rage quit from a race.
  16. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin
    Premium Member

    why punish someone for leaving , its a free world...its an optional activity as such , instead of imposing some draconian feature etc ....
    in the end they lose out never getting past a few laps , they learn nothing etc , its there choice ; let them live with it

  17. Good point Andi.
    How about rewarding then?
    Give everyone 1 VRP for participating and finish a multiplayer race.
    The winner could get 5 VRP, 2 nd: 3 VRP and the 3 rd 2 VRP.

    A bonus would also be to get the whiners about free to play to shut it!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  18. Usually i finish the races, no matter what happens, but it is annoying for sure when ppl keep leaving. I'm not a fast driver, so i have no problem to fight in the middle of the pack, but most of the times there is noone to fight with after the first few laps, so im watching the aliens increasing their gaps like 2 secs per laps, and trying to handle the race as a practice (if i leave, there is no guarantee, that the next race will be better...). I hope dedicated servers with custom leagues will resolve these kind of problems.
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  19. Same with me, I am a midpack kinda guy. I can race fast but i make too many mistake along the way. So mid pack is where i usually end up and like you mention most of the time i should be hmm maybe 6th ot 7th out of 20 i ended being second last lol
  20. Some people are just not good with sportsmanship. The other day right after i messed up I slowed the car down and waited for a guy that i took out, it was my own fault. Instead of driving by me and pass, he rammed me at full speed :confused:
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