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Helmets Player Helmets 2.0

Some real helmets for player helmet menu

  1. ok
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2013
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  2. screenshots
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  3. Hamilton placed wrong, Rosberg wrong, Raikkonen wrong, Grosjean wrong, no Van Der Garde helmet, Sutil wrong, Di Resta wrong..

    Raikkonen is helmet 7, Grosjean helmet 8, Rosberg is helmet 9, Hamilton is helmet 10, Di Resta helmet 13, Sutil helmet 14, no Vergne helmet :s no Van Der Garde, which is helmet 20..
  4. No, no... its not official pilot nombers. Vergne and Van Der Garde helmets hasnt nice preview in game materials, Thats why I didnt use it. Only 20 helmets from 2013 plus 8 from 2012 and best for my choice for the rest positions in menu. Select helmet picture in menu and it ll be player helmet. Helmet nombers do not means anything.
    P.S. I tested one more time Hamelton helmet (for example from you mistakes list) and all OK - Ham helmet i see in game.
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  5. Aahh okay, than it's good. I rest my case :)
  6. chianamik


    are right or wrong the locations of the helmets in the frontend file???????
  7. all right
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  8. The helmet list please!
  9. which cam do you use for red bull? :)
  11. 20 helmets 2013 season (excepted Verne and VanDerGardo), Shumacher 2012, Kovalaynen 2012, Kobayashi 2012, Petrov 2012, B Senna 2012, Kartikian 2012, Glock 2012, DeLa Rosa 2012, and the best default player helmets.
  12. Could you put all the helmet from this season with the correct placement of the frontends please ?
  13. May be... on next update. When somebody makes Kvyat helmet, I want add one too.
    Write me plz correct placement, U think right...
  14. For exemple Kimi should not be in 9 position, Grosjean not in 10. You have to switch Hamilton/Rosberg with Kimi/Grosjean. They are also helmet missing.
  15. Just carefully inquiring: Did you do these helmets yourself or did you use someone's work? If so, have you got their permission?
  16. Helmets from f12013, f12012 Codermasters. Alonso,Massa,Raikonen 2013 HD helmets from this site posts...
    This my work not for anybody use, just to lean what possible to do with player helmets menu.
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  17. So you used helmets tom modders without asking them?
  18. how to correctly install a mod?