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Play Power & Glory v3.0 without owning GTR2!

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Roland, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Roland


    For everyone who'd like to try the fabulous Power & Glory v3.0 mod released by the GTL Workshop last week, but who doesn't own a copy of GTR2, there's some good news here:

    It's pretty easy to get P&Gv3.0 to work with the free downloadable demo of GTR2:

    1. Download the free GTR2 demo, for example from Gamershell or Gamefront
    2. Download the 4 files that comprise P&Gv3.0 as per the front page post
    3. Install the GTR2 demo, on a location OUTSIDE ..\Program Files\.. or ..\Program Files (x86)\.. Use for example C:\Games\..
    4. When finished, browse to the install folder and rename the file GTR2Demo.exe to GTR2.exe
    5. Start the P&G installation (PnGv3.0_installer.exe)
    6. Choose installation option 2 and point the installer to your GTR2 demo folder.
    7. When finished, start P&G using the Launch P&G shortcut, choose the right button labeled "Start" and create a user.
    8. Shutdown and Restart P&G, and choose the middle button labeled "Player" and then press "Start"
    9. Play.. choose a car, choose the Barcelona GP track, and RACE!

    ATTENTION: Although ALL of the fabulous P&G cars will be available to you, it's still based on the GTR2 DEMO, thus you can only drive the Barcelona GP track, choose any other and the game will crash:O_o: (as this is the only track in the GTR2 Demo)
    So think of this as sort of a Power & Glory Demo. This should be more than enough for everyone to decide whether or not it's worth trying to find a GTR2 full version.:)
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  2. This is extremely interesting. :) Good idea!

    But let's face it... without the incredible job that SIMBIN did for GTR2 and GTL, mods like Power&Glory v3 would have never existed. If you really like P&G, we strongly recommend that you buy GTR2.
    It's ethically correct and for a price of a pizza you get to have something you'll enjoy for days, weeks, months, perhaps years. ;)
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  3. Roland


    Yes sir, you are absloutely right. I would recommend anyone to absolutely buy GTR2, if only to fully enjoy the fruit of you guys' hard work.:thumbsup:

    I only made this possibility public as GTR2 is a hard to find game nowadays, especially new. Not available in stores anymore, but only through ebay/amazon nowadays. On play.com, one guy is charging over €100,- for a brand new copy:confused: .

    So until Simbin decides to make GTR2 digitally available again like they did with GTR and GTL, I just felt this might be a nice shortcut for some who'd want to try this fabulous mod.