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Play as the crew

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Adam Burgess, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. Hi i came across this thread about the AI being able to control the car, however it only controls the car at the start of the race, during practice and qualifying it is a no show and your car just drives straight ahead un assisted by the AI, I was wondering what I/We could do to integrate the AI so it can control the car before and after a pit stop as well as qualifying and practice, me and my friends are interested to see if all that can be achieved. I will quote a thread where I first found this.

    Fun Mod No. 1 : Computer vs computer

    Remember games which allow you to let computer competes against computer. If you are tired of racing, you can let your chosen driver to compete for you and just watch. The mod works in Career mode also. It may be useful for modders to test their mods or for racers to compare therir timings with those of ai.

    Details: Look for startsequence.xml in cutscene folder.

    Change <Switch type="human" /> to Switch type="ai" />

    ps To take back driving from your driver, use F1/flashback. Restart race will return to him. You will find that most of the time, ai do not reverse to get out of stuck situation. lol.

    Better Alternative: clear datacache, start from fresh original file. Delete the line <Switch type="human"/>.

    Farewell bonus:

    Ever wonder why ai start offline during restart ?
    To fix a CM bug of ai start with twisted steering when restart/redflag in normal game:

    Delete <Switch type="human" /> and insert the line as follows:

    <!-- Enable camera change control, and vehicle throttle control -->
    <Event type="Controller">
    <Camera enabled="true" />
    <Vehicle enabled="throttle_only" />
    <Switch type="human" />
  2. Great Idea, but the problem with it.... you can just only follow the car you select during all the race and cant switch on any car on track like GP series lets...

  3. Theres no need to change between cars bud, because your managing that AI controlled car to try and win the race, so practice is used to refine setup etc etc. your more or less the team boss.
  4. Yeah for sur, but still fun to watch whats happen behind or at front of your car :p. Did you try your idea yet? May be on the mod section some guys can help you to find some issue to realise this mod !
  5. it is working to an extent :) before he pits and at the start of the race its fine but after pit exit it no longer has control.
  6. So its only work for now for the first part of the race before the 1st pits stop
  7. yes thats correct bud, and not at all during practice and qualifying.