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Plant Tool Bug

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Henki, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Solved: Plant Tool Bug

    Hi everbody.

    I found a bug on the "plant along the track" tool
    With open ended tracks it works great but there are two problems with closed circuits.

    1. On a closed circuit the tool plants only from the first tracknode to the last one. The area between the last and the first node will not be planted.
    The workaround for that is, to place the last track node very close to the first one. But thereĀ“s another problem:
    2. When i use this planter tool, i see a lot more objects on a line at the last tracknode. It seems, that the missing objects in the area between the last and the first node are placed completly at this last tracknode.

    I hope you understand what i want to say
  2. also, with the lasso tool, it only detects the tool when its on track or terrain, so if you lasso a sharp corner -going off terrain at the corner start, and re-enter at corner end, objects will not be placed on the outer slice of the corners terrain - there is a sharp line between where you exited and entered the terrain, even though you lassoed the entire corner... just outside of terrain.
  3. *bump*
  4. Fixed in

    Thanks Piddy!