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Planned Medium budget rig, your thoughts please, is overclocking advised?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jason Dewhurst, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. Ye looks good but I would change the GPU to a 5770 1gb or GTX260 216, but it would be good to wait for Fermi to be released at the end of the month as it should drop the prices a little.

    If you want a faster CPU get the Intel i5 750 and then clock it as clock for clock it's faster then the phenom in most cases. If not Phenom will do.
  2. it is good to point out also what the budget is ;)
  3. True but this thread was about overclocking the parts I listed not what I could afford.
  4. The cpu is allready at 3.2, not much point overclocking the rest as you will get enough performance without the OC to each component. (Unless you just want to do benchmarks.)
  5. If im honest the tech side is way above my head, I know how to strip pc's and remake them but thats about it, never have done a benchmark.