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Apps Pitvoice 1.2

Use your voice to pit

  1. Marocco2 submitted a new resource:

    Pitvoice ALPHA - Use your voice to pit

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  2. Jempy

    Premium Member

    I feel I'll love this app when I have time to try it.
    Very good idea first of all. :thumbsup:
    Already thanks for it. ;)

    I'll discover it during this weekend.
  3. If the app doesn't work, don't worry. I'll fix it as soon as possible

    Only 1920x1080 support
  4. I apologize if you try speaking not in English.
    Currently only English is supported
  5. - app crashes at line 378 during AC start
    - I changed resolution in settings.ini to 1440x900. is this a problem ?
  6. Currently 1440x900 is not supported, so autopit won't work. I'm pushing the fix right now for line 378
    If you want add your resolution:
    - install AutoHotKey
    - open Window Spy
    - Write down the mouse position (absolute) in each button of ac pit menu.
    - Send a message to support page
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2015
  7. Marocco2 updated Pitvoice with a new update entry:

    settings update

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  8. Nice App! How to set up the setting.ini to activate voice? I want to use the Button8 of my G27.
  9. Look in AC Controls and look what button is. Then in settings.ini write "Joy"+number
  10. Okay, I will check JoyButton8
  11. just Joy8 not JoyButton8
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