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Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Paul Nadon, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. Just so I understand this correctly. You can pit in with the F1 Modern and re-fuel but the F1 Classic and the F3 you are unable to pit because you can't re-fuel. If I try to pit with F3 or Classic it takes away my fuel and I'm back to 1 litre and my engine is now overheating.

    Can not re-fuel F1 Classic or F3....Why?? :confused:

  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    I was confused by this too ......

    As a race defaults to 50 minutes, even assuming the fuel will last, what about tyres?

    When I last had a go at F3, I estimated the number of laps I could do in 50 mins, then halved the fuel, and saved it in track config file for the car. 8 laps of fuel for Quali, and half the fuel laps for the race, with no idea how long the tyres would last.
  3. F3 tires last 20-30 minutes or so. I do understand that in real life the F3 do two 20 minutes races, but we can't do two race format on GSC. And not being able to pit with the classics is ridiculous. And what if I want to pit for repaires, can't even do that.
  4. You can do that.
    Refueling you can not do as it was in that era. The cars didnt refuel either.
  5. Yes ok. Only during practice fuel is removed. During qualifying and race fuel is not removed going into pits. But in the pit menu screen it say's Repair body or Do not repair, these are your choices, where is Repair all? Because did damaged to the car (F3) went into pits, but the car did not get completly repaired. Had it on Repair dody. And still most times leaving the pits the car is overheating.

  6. Sometimes its so severe that not all damage can be fixed.
  7. Ok! Thanks Ivo. That's what I needed to know. The overheating seems to go away after you drive a half lap or so exiting the pits.