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Pitstops, am I too stupid?

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Chris Steingen, May 24, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    how the hell do Pitstops work?
    I created presets, one for option, one for prime.
    I started the race on option.

    When I wanted to make the pitstop, I brought up the Pit Menu with the PitToggle button.
    I then chose the preset I wanted (prime).

    I then hit the PitStop Request button, and went into the pits.

    The pit menu then comes up again allowing me to change it again, ok whatever.
    The only option besided what tires I want is to CANCEL...the "Confirm blah blah" Option is not reachable by the pit menu controls...

    The car goes into the designated pit, stops, nothing happens. I cant do anything besided cancel, which will of course get me out of the pits but with tires unchanged...

    what the hell??
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  2. Are you sure you activated the tire change? It's not enough to simply select the tire set you want to put on, but you either have to click on the tire set again in the preset or use the PitSelect button in the pit menu to activate the change. The tire change is activated when the background of the row appears colored.
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  3. the ui is a bit tricky, but fine after you get use to it.

    there is a video somewhere from r3e..
  4. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    It's a bit convoluted. A preset should be just that - one click. I'm not keen on the system at present, it needs refining.
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  5. Ah yes, I needed to confirm the tire changes. Waaaaay to fiddle in the heat of a race :-/

    But worked in the end. Thanks :)
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  6. :laugh: I went through the exact same thing, the first few times I tried pitting. The first time, I was lapped while waiting for something to happen.

    Through experimentation, I finally realized, not only do you have to set that information, but you actually have to "confirm" what you want to do as you're driving into the pits.
    since, I don't have enough buttons on my wheel for all the pit commands, and my gloves are too clumsy to hit the mapped keys on the keyboards, I don't even bother with pit stops.
  7. Like I said, it can all be done in the preset already.
  8. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    Yeah but the point is it's not much of a preset when you have to manually confirm everything. It's too fiddly. The preset should come into play automatically without having to press a button i.e. pull into pits, pit crew carry out the preset, pull out of pits. The driver should only need to intervene if actions different to the preset are required.
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  9. ^^^^ What he said. ;)

    I thought it was ridiculous to see people wearing gloves in youtube videos :roflmao:.
    Until 4 or 5 hours accumulated driving, when my hand started to blister. :O_o:
    Now, I wear gloves. :geek:

    I had to map some keys on my wheel and some on the keyboard. Have you tried to hit a key on your keyboard with gloves on? I wonder if the devs thought of that?

    Hmmmm which leads me to adaptive strategy AI and voice recognition? Another post.:D