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Pitstop glitch?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Veselko Lakobrija, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. Hey drivers
    Found something weird, happend in a few races of my 2nd season, maybe even in 1st season but i didn´t notice it.
    When im in lead and go to scheduled pitstop (i always take it) after driving out im in 5th - 9th, usualy 6th place. Make one overtake, 2 if having a really good day within the same lap. That puts me in 4th place, now during the next lap or a lap after, leader goes in, atleast thats what engineer tells me, at this point i am already checking the gap but without even being close to finnish/start straight i get bumped to a 1st place.
    I don´t think this is normal behavior at all. Why is this happening? Or is anybody else experiancing this?
    I play on PS3 if that makes any differance.
  2. i wanted to make a post about this, but i can tell you why this is happening sometimes.
    It is because some drivers go 2 times within 2 or 3 laps at pitstop, and i saw why they are doing this...
    For example, they start with Option tires, in lap 5 they go in pitstop, but the problem is they take again Option tyres ( considering the fact i make 20% race length ), so in lap 7 they enter again, because of that ''mistake'' and they take Prime wich is mendatory.

    I dont know if this is a bug or just mistakes that AI makes

    EDIT: next time when this happens, pause game and go at RACE DIRECTOR, and u will see how many pitstops they have, i do that when i see i go suddenly up on position and it always shows for example BUtton that was leader, goes on 16th because of another unprogrammed pitstop:eek:
  3. Well that´s one explanation, still why we getting bumped to a 1st place without even overtaking remaining cars?
  4. ummm, ok that it never happened to me, i never had really big bugs like that one, except this ''mistake'' that i told you, my game is i can say perfect
  5. Nice. I´ll look into RACE DIRECTOR to see what is going on there during pitstops. Wasn´t sure how to use that feature, but now i got one.
  6. yeah,this annoys me too! hope someone can fix it
  7. To me it happened twice.
    The first, I was 7 s behind my teammate Trulli and I didn´t noticed that he had stopped in the pits and i also entered the pits but the pit crew was unprepared i even saw some of the guys exiting the garage with tires and a wing in their hands because a i had the wing damaged, and my pitstop was 17 s.
    The second i was in front of him by 3 s and I stopped in my programed pitstop and he entered the pitlane to, but he didn´t stop, he pited again in the next lap, he has´t been punished because nothing appeared on the race director and so I managed to get ahead of him and also gain time.
    I think this happens because the new pitstop system is worse than last year, almost all ai drivers are stoping in the same laps and if we stop to, its a mess!! One more innovation from cm to drivers of the same team piting at same time.
    Now i´m piting earlier or later than my team mate but the ai is stiil piting at same time.