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Pitstop during safety car period

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Martin Larsen, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. So the AI in this game is great, the safety car works fine etc. But combine those 2 with pits it's not that good...Then EVERY AI enter the pits, so both teammates so the pit is completely full and that just cause caos. So people are crashing into eachother etc in the pit so that cause totaly differant result in the race and some people comes out from the pit without wings and all...

    so if @Renato Simioni could say something about this since it makes races with AI and safety car pretty useless since happend everytime it's safety car close to the pitstop times....

    So this is the car condition for somepeople when they drive OUT from the pit...

    Edit: And forgot to mention that this is not a complaint or anything ofc, just don't find any ''bug repport'' threads...
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  2. So im trying to find a temporary fix for this while devs are looking att a proper fix for it(as they told on steam forum) so I wonder is it possible to disable pits during safety car period? I find in a userfile:
    ''Recon Pit Open="300" // Time that pits remain open for recon laps (real-life is 900 seconds)
    Recon Pit Closed="150" // Time that pits are closed before formation lap (real-life is 900 seconds)''
    But have that anything to do with safety car period?....

    And also in the series .srs files it is
    ''LuckyDog = 0
    MinimumYellowLaps = 2
    RandomYellowLaps = 1
    ClosePits = 1
    PitsClosedLaps = 1''

    So if I put ClosePits to 2-3 then is it disabled the entire safety car period?
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