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Pitstop and Fuel

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Reto Christiani, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. just wondering: for a long race:
    when and where can I tell the pit-crew how much fuel to tank during a pit-stop?
    couldn't find a way in the "onboard-menu" and the "strategy-settings" in the Garage-1 are grayed out?!
    so how can I setup my strategy before starting a race?
  2. Happy New Year Reto!

    Good question, I would love to know too. :)
  3. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    You need to do it while you are in the race it self. Hit the "enter button" to toggle through the menus in the bottom right screen. There is one where you can adjust fuel and tirepressures for your upcoming pitstop. With the arrow keys you can adjust the values as you desire.
  4. Thanx for the info Bram, I remember a F3 race where I could not add any fuel while in the pit, using the pit menu..... I might best start with enough fuel for the whole race to be sure. :p
  5. hmmm ... have to check this evening again ...
    but as far I remember, I found only front-wing and tyre-pressure settings to adjust during pit-stop.
    NO fuel settings!
  6. Same here Reto! :)
  7. I think that F3 and F1 classic have no refueling. (Sure for F1C, no refueling)
  8. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Ah that could be true. Have only tried it with the V8 cars so far, oops ;) Then you will have to set it in the setup menu
  9. I'm not sure there is an option in the set up menu. As far as I can tell with the F3 the only option in a pit stop is to change all 4 tyres and adjust the wing
  10. I checked and there is no way to refuel the F3!
    (even tried to change the setup.svn to uncomment the strategy-setting)
    I'll post this in the bug-report!
  11. I dont think real life F3 have refueling on pitstops... Im not even sure they make pitstops at all. Arent F3 races always sprint races with no pitcrew or tire changes?
  12. Yes, but this can be changed if you want. Go to- GameData/Vehicles/F3/HDV File. Go down to PITMENU and change 0 to1 for fuel(0 for off and 1 for on). You can also change tire and wing settings for the menu.This can be done to all cars. Keep in mind that these changes will effect online play so back your files.

  13. Sorry to dig up this old thread but since 1.1 there is no hdv file.
    I created a text file called MINI_CHALLENGE.hdv and inside I have just three lines:


    Should this work? It sits in the MiniChallenge root where the ini files are. I found that I see the option to refuel there for an instant, then it dissappears.
  14. I suspect Reiza have changed something and stopped the hdv file from being added this time, that's a shame as I also liked the longer races with refuel stops.
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  15. No refueling for all cars :( I think that Reiza made a bad decision on this one.
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  16. Unfortunately (as I don't want to moan about reiza) I must agree. This is the best driving sim experience I've ever bought, particularly the minis and the formula classics. But offline, I always spend a fair bit of time making adjustments to make the racing against AI close and challenging for my own ability. Using the tyre wear, refuelling, and being able to edit hdv and engine files to create a spread of ability down the grid, made this possible. It's such a shame that this has been removed.
  17. Matt Horst

    Matt Horst

    Refueling is no longer possible in game stock car after the latest update.Rieze has decided to take this away from us because they do not refuel in Brazil.I think this desision is:poop:
  18. Matt Horst

    Matt Horst

    I would just like to point out one thing.Before the update and when there was refueling there were no post with people complaning that there is refueling in the game when they do not have refueling in Brazil racing.Some don't really care if you can refuel,a fair number do care.There are two games right now competing for my attention,GSC and r-factor2.Honestly i find myself liking rf2 much more.This decision Rieza has made tilts things even more toward rf2 for me.GSC is very good,but is not exactly feature rich.Now there is one less feature,a very inportant feature imo.I Understand that you are simulating your racing in your country and that is great but why can't you at least leave the option open to enable refueling in the game files for those that would like that option for online or offline races.
  19. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    Point taken guys. Unfortunately sometimes you need to make design decisions that involve compromises, this was one.

    If there is another update with .exe changes we┬┤ll review this, but it must be said that this is not planned for now.
  20. ok, thanks for the response though, that's much appreciated.