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pitbox wall graphics

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Mick-S, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. noticed in the team folders that there is a pitbox graphics file example : 11_DJR_17Pitbox, but they don`t show up in the game ? not that it`s a big deal, just wondered that seeing as you took the trouble to create the pitboxes, would be nice to see them in game.
  2. I think that the pitbox graphic will only show up in tracks where the part exists for the texture to appear on. I could be wrong, but it should show up in the ORSM Bathurst garages.
  3. o.k thanks
  4. Yes, the track itself needs to be set up to allow them to work. Bathurst, Oran Park Lidar are and I think FlashQld was going to set the FVR produced tracks up so they work on those as well.
  5. as I said no big deal, but thanks for the heads up.
    having a bit of a problem with the windows template
    as you can see the top, mine looks wrong compared to the original.
    I have no problem with the main skin, and I use PSP9 and the pic shows the best I can get it, saved as explicit alpha DXT3. when I open the template there are 2 alpha channels and the top one is hidden, maybe PSP9 can`t handle painting on windows.
  6. When doing windows you need to edit alpha. Apparently you can use Paintshop to do that only I don't know how. Every time I've tried, it failed.

    What you have on the windows has to be on the alpha in ALL white on the alpha channel. White on the alpha will give a solid texture like you see the two dots and some parts of the V8's season logos.

    You can go to http://forum.corel.com/EN/index.php and ask about how to edit the alpha.
    Don't let anyone talk you into upgrading to PSP X5. after using PSP 9 this new one is so buggy it's not funny, plus the nVidia DDS plug-in doesn't work with PSP after X2. You'll be forced to get a DDS converter instead.

    I have a tutorial on the windows here http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/livery-tutorial.37313/ First post.
  7. thanks, will have a look at your tutorial.
    I did have a go at editing alpha channels a while ago, and same as you not much success.
    but will give it another shot.