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Apps Pitboard 0.2

Get all the information you need and nothing else.

  1. Mathias André submitted a new resource:

    Pitboard - Get all the information you need and nothing else.

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  2. Very nice app, but I have a question: is there a way to enlarge a bit the board or a display size option ?
    I play in 2560x1600 and the board is a little small.
    Your app is very cool , now I want to drive with alltime, thanks.
  3. Thanks! With the current version you can't change the size of the board in the game, but you can change it manually in the code:
    just open the file pitboard.py with a text editor (notepad is fine) and change the values of FULLSIZE_SCALE and SMALLSIZE_SCALE at lines 41 and 42. As the names imply these are the scales of the board when it's displayed in normal size, and when it scales down after a while.

    A scale of 1.0 means 100%, 0.5 is 50% and 1.5 is 150%. However keep in mind that this will stretch the textures so they won't look as sharp.

    If it's useful I'll try and update the next version to allow people to change these from the settings in game.
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  4. Ok, I had seen this line in the code.I will try that and I will try to resize banner (logo_.png) to match the new size and to not stretch too much textures.

    And other suggestion : an option for switch banner directly ingame (logo_.png) to have many banner and switch between them. I think a box with 1 arrow on each side for up and down in list will be good thing.
  5. please where install this? steam/steammapss/assettocorsa and paste conmtent and app?
  6. Yes, this is the right place.
  7. Great App, many thanks for sharing.
  8. I installed but not so I get no segnale..sia during qualifying and in the race! could you help me in telling me exactly how to install it? thanks
  9. Make sure the app is activated in the settings, under the General section scroll down and make sure the checkbox is on for 'pitboard'. Then you should be able to active the app in game.
  10. I 've put the scale at 1.3 and now is perfect. I've resize banner to 312x78 and thats good, not stretch, maybe just numbers are a bit stretch.
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  11. EAKMotorsports
    Version: 0.1 great app, my wish for the next version is the switch/button which you can choose with side (left or right) you can put the app on the screen.
    Saturday at 18:44 Report
    1. [​IMG]
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! You can move the app around the screen by clicking and dragging the title, unless you mean something else?

    I tried that first time I get it the app. They I came with the idea of the button. Because when you put the app on the right of the screen if you put all away to the right side when you pass the start/finish line the app dont show right go off the screen or when you move to the right position when the apps go out, the app almost hangs out of the middle of the screen.
  12. Thank you very much for this great app :thumbsup:
    One wish for next release, already asked, If you can make the app menubar also disappearing when not used ;)
  13. Fantastic job well done
  14. ill try it tonight cool job
  15. Mathias André updated Pitboard with a new update entry:

    Small new features and bugfixes

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  16. sector5

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Thanks for the update! Now it's nearly perfect. Only the pin symbol that stays on the screen is annoying. It should be like the track description app that disappears completely if the is no input.
  17. Thanks! As far as I know it's not possible to remove the pin from the app, however, you can replace the pin image completely!
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  18. sector5

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    It works! Cool, now it´s perfect!!!
  19. Great app, great work! Only one wish for this application...In case when Player uses "short names" it would be great if application uses short version of second name of driver. Very often in leagues there are two-three drivers with the same names but different second names and now it's very difficult to discern them. For example we have three drivers: Alexey Smith, Alexey Simpson and Alexey Sparrow and now there are three Alexey S. on the pitboard. It would be cool if there was "SMI" "SIM" and "SPA" instead.

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  20. Good idea! I'll try to implement it for the next version.