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Pit stops

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Jason Hunt, May 4, 2013.

  1. How do I serve a stop-go penalty without the game thinking I'm making a normal stop?

    Any easy way to set the refuel amount without having to press the right directional button on my G27 shifter multiple times in race?

  2. Stop-Go: If you've been given a Stop Go penalty, you should see on your HUD's Pit options page a "Stop Go" option along with the others (Refuel, Change Tires, etc), if not scroll up and down with the directional buttons and it should show up (along with how many laps you have to serve your penalty before you are black flagged).

    Unfortunately I don't know a faster way, which is why I always do it on the formation lap before the start. Offline I will pause the game, then set the fuel. Online during formation but sometimes races start from a Fast Standing or Fast Rolling start so unfortunately I have to do it as I'm driving. Sorry :unsure:
  3. Great, thanks.

    Last time it happened it was showing n/a against the stop-go penalty so I might have been disqualified. I'm guessing I'd probably pressed the left or right pad button accidentally and switched the stop-go penalty to no earlier and then run out of laps to serve the penalty.
  4. When you receive a stop/go, an icon will pop up in the left top corner of the screen.
    Make sure you pit within 2 laps (Some tracks count a pit stop as and extra lap, depending if you cross the line while in the pits). Don't do a pit request, just drive into your box which should be marked. When you stop, the timer will run.

    If you have damage......
    AFTER you do a pit request, the quickest way is to press the UP arrow key ONCE and you will see if you have damage, just use right arrow to switch it off. If it doesn't appear, you have no damage.