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Pit Stops and Tire Wear

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by pmaguire651, May 28, 2011.

  1. Are there any mods which either a) Reduce the impact of the pit stop bug as i am tired of have 13 second pit stops or b) make the ai suffer from tire degredation? Any help would be much appreciated
  2. Doesnt true ai 1.4 address ai tyre wear? im sure it does....

    As for the pit bug, the force indias have that bug not sure if the patch fixed it, but with other teams it can be avoided by pitting a lap earlier as ai are programmed to use the full wear estimate of tyres, for example in a 75% race primes last for 18 laps in my game, I pit at 16 and 9 for softs with a 11 limit, this way I only ever see 1-2 ai with me and sometimes i pit on my own and pass them the following lap.
  3. well i have true ai 1.4 but it doesnt seem to have made much effect to ai tyre wear. Also i only have time to really do 30 % races to its hard to pit a lap early. Susuka seems to be the wrost in my opinion as no matter what lap i pit on i bever have a pit stp less than 13 seconds and i drop about 8 places in the pits