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Pit stop strategies

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by My993C2, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. In most cases (dry weather races) the common pit stop strategy appears to be, start on options if you qualify well and then switch to primes 25-33% through the race distance. Likewise start on primes if you do not qualify well and switch to options 66-75% of the way. But after thinking about my race last night at Silverstone I am now wondering if anyone has been successful using a 2 stop strategy. I don't think 2 stoppers makes sense for those people who do short races, but for those of us who do longer 100% length races, I wonder if they can work?

    Using an HRT I qualified in the middle/rear of the pack at Silverstone and I started the race on primes. But most (possibly all) the AI cars in front me started on options. Using the True AI 1.4 mod racing against "Pro" AI, I could not keep up to the cars in front of me who were on options. However as soon as I switched from primes to options, I became competitive again on the track. But there was too much lost ground to make up. So I was wondering for tracks without long pit lanes, and when you do not qualify well, if starting on options driving like hell, and then having a two stop strategy where you spend most of the race using two sets of options and only one stint on the slower primes has worked for anyone?
  2. 2 stops works on 50% distance its what I run.
  3. Depending on how I qualify at my next dry race, I may try it. Drive like hell for the first 2 stints on options and once the track is rubbered in, switch to the primes to end the race. Of course it is a strategy that requires you to drive at your limits with no major errors since you will already be losing time with the extra stop.
  4. Im only on my 3rd race, 1st year. I do 100% distance, no aids, tyre & fuel on, Legend A.I., no mods patch only. My strategy is too plan for a 2 stop but only do 1. I go as hard and consistent as I can on options for as long as they hold up, then pit for primes. I haven't made it into Q3 yet and am on the grid now in Malaysia to start from 12th. I managed to finish 10th and in the points in Melbourne and qualified 13th with that strategy. I might of done a touch better at Sakeir, but Sutil the retard, clipped me twice! Go figure, crap driver in the game...... and crap for real! lol I pulled off 15th. I like the game, but lets face it, even Fernando couldn’t get those results with Virgin and I suck compared to 9[SIZE=+0]5[/SIZE]% of the pro’s with this game let alone Alonso. I should just do the recommended strategy in Malaysia to see... If I ever find the time and energy to get to race =(
  5. with the wonky ai pace in races, I doubt a two stop strat will work well for career mode, even in 100% races. What I mean with wonky? Di grassi setting fastest laps out of nowhere for instance lol. I'm thinking the ai is simulated in races as well as long as they're not in your vicinity (hence mayeb also the small portion of the track you see on the minimap. They go much faster when close to you as well it seems. You can be easily driving away from an ai, then make a mistake and have him within a few seconds and won't be able to lose him again.

    Anyway a one stopper always works for me in my online league races (75% races). The tires almost always hold up well enough for me to keep good pace throughout, good enough pace that the time i lose in the pitstop I wouldn't make up with a 2nd stint on fresh options. The 2 stoppers have always lost out in my league anyway. Might be my driving style that's soft on the tires, but I don't think that has such a big impact. Only track I ever had to do 2 stops was Singapore, that track nommed my tires like starvin marvin noms ribs at a barbecue.
  6. I may sacrifice a race and still try a 2 stopper just to see how things pan out. But you are probably correct in how wonky the AI pace is. In my very first career race I ever did in this game (pre-patch before any mods were installed) my race engineer came on to tell me Chandkok had just set the fastest lap and my instant reaction was WTF? Besides the wacky AI, the only way a 2 stopper can work is for you to drive balls to the walls at your limits while on the options without making any big mistakes. Not exactly an easy thing to do (which just goes to show how really good the real world F1 drivers are since we do not go through the g-forces they experience).

    LOL ... I will need to remember to bring extra napkins when it comes to racing at Singapore. Don't want starvin marvin making too much of a mess on the nice freshly painted car.
  7. How do you change pit strategy darning the race? In my ST season running just 10% lengths, and I got caught out in the rain at Hungary, and lost a load of positions on the last lap.
  8. Notify your crew you are coming in, and once you are driving in the pit lane, make sure to select the tires you want to use next before you reach your pit stall. I forget what it is called, but there is a popup menu you can invoke from the car which allows you to select tires, front wing angles and engine mapping speeds. Ironically I have yet to see a brake bias setting from this menu which one would think should be there.
  9. Thanks My933C2. I have a button mapped to call for a pit stop it works OK in practice, but it dose not work when I am in a Race? I use a Logitech G27 with out the shifter connected. Is there some default button that needs to be used it call for a pit stop?
  10. If you are using a custom mapping you may need to reallocate the "Pit stop" call to another button. I have the G25 and the default setting had the "Pit Stop" as the top button on the G25's shifter with the menu to select tires, wings and engines the radial button also on the shifter. But the default G25 setting did not have a "look behind" button so I created a custom setting. I now I have "Pit Stop" mapped to a button on my wheel with the "look behind" mapped to the other button on my wheel. I can't speak for the G27 but with the G25 the "Pause" featured used to be mapped as the "ESC" button but does not seem to work with custom wheel settings. So my "pause" is now mapped to my "p" button. Everything else from the default to my custom wheel mappings are the same.

    Oh and the "Pit Stop" button has always worked for me in the races (though the engineer does not always acknowledge that I pressed the button). Just press it, come in and make sure you select you desired tire type before you stop in your pit stall.
  11. One thing to bear in mind is that the strategy will change per track, for example:- I have found (with any setups) In valencia the Hard tyres are on average and overall quicker taking in ALL variables such as pit stop and pit lane time than the softs. In hockenheim however the Softs work out quicker even with an extra stop or two.

    HOCK example 100% distance:-

    Soft tyres last 20 laps (a few laps longer if lightly fuelled/end of race) but are faster by over a second.
    Hard tyres last a very long time here (doesnt matter how many laps)

    I have found the best strategy is to do 3 stops with laps 0-20 on softs 20-27 on hards 27-47 on softs and then softs to the finish.

    This 7 lap stint on hards could be added in anywhere but the beggining really due to traffic but im amazed here how much quicker the softs are.

    This could be changed to a 2 stopper at any time doing 27 laps on the hards. This strategy also takes into account the rain, due to wet tyres lasting just over 20 laps also so when the rain comes some quick maths will be needed :S

    the 2 stop situation works for 30% upwards although its a push at 30% race distance
  12. I Use 2 stop. First I start on the option tyre. (interlagos) Race 18-22 laps and then switch to primes. On lap 50-55 again in the pits for option tyre because its really nice to drive the car with excellent grip and low fuel
  13. How du u get the menu to popup, when driving in Chian it starts to rain and i cant get intermediets on please help