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Pit stop release

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by macroi, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. How are the pit stop exits in 2011? Do the engineers hold you up for ages while letting the other cars go by (as in 2010)?
  2. only had one pit stop, seemed fine. im just getting to the point where i can keep it on the road tbh.
  3. ^this.
  4. My first pit was with traffic and they released me instantly. A new feature is having a prediction of what place you'll exit the pits that you'll also enjoy.
  5. No problems so far, even in dense traffic. I like the prediction on the Info tab of the car status that gives you approximate fuel status and prediction about where you'll be returned to traffic after the stop. The prediction hasn't been totally accurate, but neat feature.
  6. Sounds good. Thanks guys!
  7. I've had 3.8 second pit stops. And I've had others over 8 seconds. You have to watch traffic. I usually change my scheduled stop to one before or one later than recommended.
  8. So far my record for a fast pit stop is @ Nurburgring of a 3.098 second pit stop...dont ask me how...just happened and i forgot to take a screen shot.