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Pit Stop 'delayed release' after patch 1.2 ??

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by MS7XWDC, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. UGH !! 1st of 3 cars into pits, fast pitstop, last out !!!

    i had that happen - AFTER patch 1.2:

    my pitstop is clearly finished before Alonso's is .... why am i being held ??

    I'm also looking to see if anybody else noticing this after patch 1.2, as i had never seen it before the 2nd patch !

  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I saw your post over at Codemasters, but didn't comment.

    I'm sorry but I see nothing wrong with that release. You and the Ferrari are have both finished your stop (you slightly before him), and you both are held up by the McLaren. As the McLaren passes the Ferrari, he's free to go before you are, as the McLaren has passed him already, so he's out before you too.

    It's just bad luck.

    It's also ironic that the BBC gave Mercedes a little award for having the fastest pit stop of the year, this year. I guess the award wasn't for THIS race ;)

  3. That's exactly how I see it as well.
  4. Pritch


    Yep i agree , nothing wrong there.....
  5. just a bit off topic, are you using dx9 or dx11. The fences above the pitstands in brazil look like this in dx11 for me but are transparent in dx9 like in your video above.[​IMG]
  6. i'm asking if others are seeing this guys, that's why the "??" in the thread title & "I'm also looking to see if anybody else noticing this after patch 1.2"
    i think i have a DX 11 card, but set <directx forcedx9="TRUE" /> in my hardware config
  7. Nothing wrong it was explained very well. You were held up because of the 50m rule. Oh I see you're complaining a lot from this game but as I can see you have installed a bunch of mods to change it. No offense but how do you expect it to work fine?
  8. Everytime, when i make my pit when my engineer told me i loose a positions, but never look at the other stops... must see...
  9. No Problem with delayed release. your problem was that there was 2 cars coming out b4 U

  10. i installed custom driving camera, helmets, gloves, flags, start lights - all graphical updates ..... not 1 physics/ AI / damage update at all.
  11. perhaps, but i did not notice this until patch 2, and others have only noticed it post patch as well ... simply asking to see how many others fit that category.... don't get offended :)
  12. no offense taken, good luck in your races :D
  13. I had the same issue in Monaco and somewhere else in my career mode races
  15. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    It's an identical situation .....

    This time the Red Bull was already in the pit, you and the Ferrari come in together. Consider the possibility that both of you MIGHT have held up the Red Bull. Then once Red Bull are released, you are in the same position as before (except the Ferrari just comes off the jack before you this time). The Red Bull passes to exit, then a Lotus/Renault passes inbound to pit, the Ferrari gets the first opportunity for a safe release, and takes it ....

    Bad luck again IMHO ......

    I would consider doing what we almost HAD to do in F1 2010 ..... go one lap longer or shorter than your scheduled stop, so the pits are less congested

    EDIT: In the real world, you and the Ferrari just might have been released at the same time. This year there has been a few pit-lane races, side by side almost. However computers have trigger points, and don't have the same perception or decision making process as a human lollipop man
  16. Just bad luck mate.