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Pit stop bug???

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Blake-Lee Danher, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. Okay so before i bought the game i read on here that there was a pitstop bug were the guy who releases you if verry cautious about when you go when there are other cars in pit lane. So every time i have pit in the game i made sure that i pit really early or late. But today i did a race on 100% and i was forced to when pit lane was absolutely packed, and i was released very quickly even with cars pulling in and out, i was supprised about it because ive seen so many people go on about the bug making it a big deal.
  2. this bug has been patched and so have most of the other bugs in the game so it wont happen anymore
  3. Oh this was before I got the patch.
  4. cool maybe you got a none bugged version :p either that or it was just lucky lol
  5. i was thinking i got a none bugged version cos all the cars pitted they all took off fine and i never had trouble with punctures
  6. The pit stop bug is gone with the update ?
  7. well i never had any problems with the ai not pitting so i dunno
  8. Same here
  9. Where can i download this patch??
    Thank you!
  10. if you have the PS 3 version just start the game if not you'll have to wait till it's released
  11. The only pitstop bug i mentioned was the fact, that some cars never get into pits during race.
  12. if you have the pc version also just start the game and you'll be able to download it, glad that damn pit stop bug is gone lost track of how much time i lost sat in pits
  13. Yeah, this bug is present in the release vesion of the game. Patch isnt avalaible yet tor PC (correct if im wrong) so i must deal with this issue a little longer ;)