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pit speed limit and rfactor pit direction man

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by rdmgarcia, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. Just about to be ready and release my first track. I've a couple of more questions though. How do I add the man/doll that indicates the way to the track from the garage? It seems like it's a default on rfactor but can't see it on my track.

    Second question: How do I change the maximum pit speed limit?
  2. I'm not sure about the little man*, but the speed limit is set in the .gdb file for your track.

    *edit: He appears on my track, but I didn't do anything special to get him there. His position is probably calculated by the pit driveline and the corridors.
  3. R Soul,
    could you plz make a screenshot from your pit driveline & corridors so that I can see what's special at your ones?
    My "little man" seens to take the whole day off...
  4. Assuming that your garage and pit are properly joined to the track, the pit man is probably there but not necessarily visible from cockpit/driver POV. Have you verified that LeftHandedPits= setting in the "yourtrack.AIW" file is correct?

    Stupid question :facepalm: Have you pressed the "Page Up" button to observe through another camera? Once outside the car you may need to use the keypad to manipulate the "camera"...
  5. LefthandedPits = 1 but there's still no pit man.
    I'm not sure how to build the pits, maybe you can see on the picture what I've done wrong.

  6. That looks okay. Have you positioned your timing gates?
    ([​IMG] > Timing Gates)
  7. The finish line is set by the Mobil1-Advertisebridge (top of the picture) and goes the long way across the track til the pit-building.
    Or did you mean the pit in/out or some else gates?
  8. Ive had the pit director turn up sometimes standing half immersed within the car itself, although these have usually been when the pitlane path is in fairly close proximity to the garage bay - a LOT closer than yours appears to be though.....
    It has had me thinking that rF generates him in relation to the pit path, but possibly it's in relation to the pit corridors, in which case there appears to be very little room there....
  9. Where are your Garages? It is possible that rFactor is spawning your car in a wrongly placed garage position.