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Pit limiter bug

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Nicolas van de Velde, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I've got an annoying problem you guys might be able to help me with. When I'm racing at Hockenheim, for some reason when I enter the pit lane the limiter drops well below its max speed. When I finish the pit stop, the car just won't accelerate any more! It just goes crawling down the pit lane at 1 mph untill I reach the limiter-off line...Has anyone experienced this problem before?

    Btw, playing with all assists off except for pit assists (had more annoying bugs when I try to pit with manual seetings there) and using a custom setup (if that would make any difference).

  2. You are keeping the accelerator floored right? its "auto" but if you let off, your speed will drop below the limit, I keep the gas to the floor pretty much the entire time in the pits
  3. Yeah I'm keeping it floored, it keeps my speed just below 100 km/h (Im using the metric system). Even when the pit stop is complete and the lollypop man realeases me, I keep it floored. But the car doesn't accelerate. Really frustrating, lost 3/4 races online like that because the car took ages to get out of the pit lane...
  4. If you are driving a Force India, its the well known pit bug. The car just crawls, dont ask me why, and dont ask why it hasnt been fixed by CM - I dont know. Just dont drive it online if you can help it in anything bigger than a 10%.

    It also appears that any car and any track can randomly do this sort of thing, particularly the limiter not releasing after it should so you do 99kph till you rejoin the racing line.
  5. Ah could well be, I just had the bug again and it was in a Force India indeed! I'll keep an eye on it, thank you :)
  6. I have same problem and on Force India, haven't be on other cars