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Pit crew sabotage

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Billy Pilgrim, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. I was just enjoying one of my first career races. GT3 in an SLS at Laguna Seca, the sun's setting and I'm putting in some consistent laps. All's well. Seventh lap, and I pit for the mandatory pit stop/tyre change, the team do their work and I go on my merry way. Fifty metres down the road... I start thinking "what's that funny noise?" Bloody hell! The pit crew had sabotaged my wheels. They'd changed the tyres (I suppose) and forgotten to pump the tyres up. Or had they simply let the air out of all of my tyres? I don't know. I wasn't watching that closely.

    Anyway I redid the race, and the same thing happened a couple more times. I'm stuck.

    Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong? Do I have to supervise the crew's work more closely? Perhaps the crew don't like me? Should I fire the whole crew? Can I hire a new crew? Is it a motivation problem? Should we go on a team-building session? Better pay?
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  2. Known bug. A lot of people is going on about these being flat tyres, I think it´s related to the tyre pressures and compound on the strategy screen constantly being reset to stupid values.

    We did a Formula Gulf race yesterday. I ended stint one, and pitted for another set of tyres I had adjusted to pressures perfectly tested before. When they fitted them into my car, they overheated in half a lap and ran at 120 degrees all stint. I was 2 seconds off my previous pace in a track in much better conditions.

    God knows if they were rain tyres, or what sort of stupid pressures they were inflated to.
  3. Thanks for the info.
    Is there something I can do about it so it doesn't happen again? Do you know if this is a random event or will it always happen at that particular career race every time?

    I restarted the race and the same thing happened, then I exited the race and reloaded it and the same thing happened so it seems to me that this happens at this race (it isn't random). In that case other people would have exactly the same problem at that same career race.

    Anyone else had this problem at this race (GT3, first event, Laguna Seca, Race 2)?
  4. Check your pit stop strategies and make sure the tires pressures aren't set too low.
  5. I´ve heard from other people that there´s no way around it on certain career races. You can try to make sure your pitstop work is properly set, if that doesn´t solve it, you´re screwed.

    In a multiplayer race, there´s not much you can do either. There´s no way to correct so much stuff between pitlane entry and pitbox without losing A LOT of time. Even if you have just made sure your strategy is right ending qualifying, there´s no way to be sure they´ll still be correct when you pit for the first time.
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  6. Looks like I've found my first game-breaking bug. Joy!

    Exact same thing happened again in a career race (sabotaged tyres in the pit stop in the Clio at Donnington) this evening. It's really annoying.
  7. I'm not exactly sure where or how the Pit Stop Strategy comes from, but I've made it a habit of always checking what tires, pressures and how much fuel is going in my car. I once came in to the pits on fumes, had my crew confidently splash a drop or two before sending me back out for the last 45 minues of the race...

    You just have to check your pit stop strategy to actually see what changes they are making... sometimes it's rain tires in the dry. Sometimes my pressures are low. Sometimes they only want to give me 3 seconds of fuel. Just have to babysit them until a patch comes out I guess.
  8. [QUOTE="until a patch comes out I guess.[/QUOTE]

    Yea... What are we, 2 months or so after release, all the WMD/SMS members bragging about getting rich, banning people from there forums who disagree that the game aint a godsend... To be honest, I have a feeling that patch isn't coming...
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  9. They already released a patch and it failed to undo the worst bugs. I start windering if they have the ability to turn this around.
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  10. I seem to have found the solution. I've only tried it twice - it worked both times though. I got the answer on another forum.
    The solution is to press to bring up the pitstop menu (as I'm entering the pits) and then to alter the tyre pressures by 0.01 (as little as possible I think the idea is).
    I've got triple screens so this pitstop menu I hadn't ever noticed before until I looked for it
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