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Pit box mess in Abu Dhabi

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mo Selvarajah, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. so i get to my first pitstop in Abu dhabi.
    Only to find someone parked in it.

    so first question. Why did this happen?

    2nd question. IS there any chance at all this will happen in Brazil?

    If there is, the track should be fixed so that it doesnt happen.
    I had come from 15th and was on for an easy podium up to that point. You can imagine how annoyed i was.

    i dont want to waste a saturday afternoon racing if there is a chance this could happen again.

    Was it a track glitch? what?
  2. I really agree with this issue because it was me effected and I had to suffer with rear wing damage after a bump to get into the box.. I am not happy about this incident and I feel for Mo as I was in my box and had no idea that that was his pit box. I have no hard feelings towards Mo as I was completely out of Sync anyway but this should not happen.. :(
  3. To make it short, no this problem cannot be avoided in the World Series and World Trophy. There are always several cars sharing one pitspot (those cars that are standing in one pitbox). Ideally those cars sharing the pitspot should be drivers from one team, as it was done in the World Championship, but there are to many teams appearing in WS and WT so fixing them this way isn´t possible. You can however check before the race who is in the same box as you so you know who will share the pitspot with you, and then ask them when they plan to pit or just hope you wont meet them.
  4. oh ok well thats something at least.
    how would i check?

    do i ask in the server or something 'who is in my pitbox'?
    how do we...do that.

  5. you just have to look left and right when you are standing in the pits, who else is in the same garage, ideally you look at the start of a session as then no cars are on track
  6. ok thanks. seems like such a hassle though.
    theres no way to add more pitstop boxes on the pitlane at all?
  7. Afterall that´s the procedure it worked over the last years, knowing who you share pits with helps you in the race.

    Of course you could add 35 seperate pitgroups with unique pitslots, but it would need someone to set it up properly, some tracks like Monza or Silverstone are set up this way by default.
  8. but we only find out who we are sharing it with in PQ for WT and we have no time to ask because for me I like to do a 2 runs in the session and there is really no spare time to ask that question and get a fast response and then having to write it down as a note during the race..
  9. you find it out at the end of the practice session or in the qualy session, so during warmup there is plenty of time to check it and talk to others.