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Pirelli World Challenge

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Niki Đaković, Mar 8, 2015.

  1. Watched this series today for well 2nd time. There were two lower power car races and then a GT3 race. And GT3 race didn't dissapoint. There was a chase for P1 from this guy Baretta in Ferrari versus Dalzial in Porsche and only on very last lap did he manage to take him down for the victory.
    I've heard these guys release highlights on monday, but I bring your attention to this series, because there will be another race tomorrow evening European time, and it looks like another hoot of fun.

    http://www.world-challenge.com/ < thats their website, with live stream and everything on it.
  2. I'm glad to see you enjoyed it. Believe it or not , it's been around for a long time. This year looks to be quite interesting with a big field of GT3 and other fast cars.
  3. The 2nd race wasn't as fun, it rained and Estre just demolished the race.
    But Nicky Catsburg was the quickest in dry, so it seems like the championship will be between those two and atm Catsburg is got a bit of catchup to do on points, because some weird rule DT.
    Interesting to see what Dalzial and Baretta can do when Estre and Catsburg are on top of their game too.
    Looking forward to next meeting, whenever it is.
  4. Christina Nielsen didn't do too bad herself with TRG Aston Martin Racing. Was watching her as well and her progress. Good races. First Round was on Saturday which was a good day at the track, and kinda saw the rain coming for Sunday's race.