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Pirelli Tires 2012 *new version*

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by vlasovas, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]






    1 - one different wear, for each tire
    2 - dry grass, rather than green
    3 - track gum sharp
    4 - Light Glow reduced
    5 - two choices to install, lightweight and accentuated, wear different for each


    1 - Improved marking of tires "R"
    2 - improved textures marbles
    3 - Soft Tires of package light improved


    1 - Improved marking of tires "R"
    2 - 2 new types of tires, clear and stained
    3 - strip of hard tires with a darker gray color


    1 - fix to blur on dry tires when parked, solution in standard resolution

    1.4 Final

    1 - added an extra package with correction in the sharpness of the stripes with the name Pirelli PZero

    Ryder Mod Manager Version ( RAR ):


    click here if the links above don't work.
    Mod Made by Vlasovas
    God first!!
    Warok, Ryder25, Reddvers, cr3ativ3, Silver BENZ, pmgl71, ENDR, Alex SF-1950, ML2166, La Plata, JukaDark, Johnny Dangerously, koeloe, MARSALA, Iljuha_Rus, zeno dyk, Karurosu
    everyone who made possible the mod pack Brazil 2 in F1 2011


    I close the pirelli here !!! .
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  2. Awesome!
  3. Thanks [​IMG]
  4. Awesome job Vlasovas, keep going that way, thanks a lot mate.:thumbsup:;)
  5. Thanks! Great as each of your mods, amazing :)

    PD: links not working for me except gamefront ;)
  6. Thanks!
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  7. The links are not working , they take you elsewhere.

    Mods look good , thank you.

  8. Want this but links not working unfortunately.
  9. Looking great but links not working, maybe you just skip those adds. The donate button should be enough.;)
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  10. Gamefront is working for me, i just download it!!!
  11. While clear means without adds.:D
    I really appreciate his mods , but the linking is bad. Also im not sure about that link to a sort of sect. But the tyres itself looks fantastic.
  12. Want this, but links not working, and the adds :(
  13. Thx a bunch ! :p
  14. Muy bueno, gracias artista
  15. thanks. good job as usual.:cool:
  16. Firefox not working with the download, and google chrome DOWNLOAD with no problem.
  17. What a fantastic mod! Thank you.
  18. thanks :thumbsup:
  19. looks amazing , thank you! :thumbsup: